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HOW MUCH HE CARES ( 2018 ) 2018/07/20

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The Lady in the Harbor speaks for one and all

She stands there in the distance silent and so tall

All copper green and shining like a sentinel

Full of all those secrets and tales she’ll never tell

Lady of deep mystery, tears and joys we’ve shared

While God is watching o’er us, know how much He cares !


AT LAST ( 2014 ) 2014/12/23

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The winds of change wax strong and bold

The will of man grows harsh and cold

The time seems near and will soon come

These challenges our senses numb !

Where shall we go, where will we hide

When all the darkness moves inside

I’d rather not be present then

Observing this downfall of men !

Whoever thought we’d see the day

When all our strengths were whisked away

This time of doom has been foretold

By men of wisdom ages old

We questioned their sagacity

Shall we sit by to wait and see ?


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