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BRAVE NEW WORLD ( 2014 ) 2014/12/06

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I wonder what to look for next

Will it be twitter, tweet or text

Or all the rallies in the streets

With slogans that the crowd repeats

Reminding me of scenes I’ve seen

From Planet of the Apes on screen.

What future will be left for us

If we escape this wild circus

I think that I begin to see

This is the new reality !









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The children have all gone to bed

No lollipops are in their head

No sugar treats or pleasant dreams

Vampires are in right now it seems

Why are they born so very old

Like little men and ladies bold

What happened to our Jack and Jill

While tumbling down that famous hill ?

I think it’s called progressive time

And paid for with another’s dime

The truth is it’s been tried before

But failed to win or even score !


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