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FAIRY TALES ( 2014 ) 2014/12/03

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The trouble with us all I think

Is that we’re standing on the brink

Perched above precariously

Without knowledge of history.

Those stories that we have been told

Are simply that, just tales of old

Sometimes I find myself entranced

With mysticism so enhanced !


Oh how I wish that I’d been there

When Rapunzel let down her hair,

Or hiding in the robber’s cave

Where Ali Baba was a knave.

Now Cinderella had it hard

To clean that house and tend the yard

Or do you think Snow White had worse

With all those dwarfs and witch’s curse ?


Today I find the world’s not changed

Some tales I hear are quite deranged

The problem is we’re told they’re true

What do you think, it’s up to you ?





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