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HOW WONDERFUL ( 2020 ) 2020/02/15

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I’m  lying here in dark of night

Anticipating  morning’s  light

A  bright new  dawn is on its  way

To  wish us all  a pleasant day.

How  wonderful our God must be

With  all His  generosity

And  greater strength with  peace of mind

A  truer friend  we’ll  never find  !



GOD’S SERENITY ( 2019 ) 2019/02/16

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Can you feel the chill that’s in the air

Do you sense its power everywhere

Will it burrow in and move about

As it spreads its wings both in and out ?

There’s a pendulum that keeps apace

Of all the matters each one must face

Sometimes the pressure becomes too great

Or an answer comes when it’s too late

Truth is I really would chose to be

Included in God’s serenity !


GIFTS FROM YOU ( 2018 ) 2018/09/25

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Whatever I am, dear Lord, I know

I owe it to You, You’ve made it so

You are the stars and the skies they’re in

With clouds above at Your every whim.

The rainbows we glimpse with color bright

A moon o’erhead on the starlit night

You are the dreams we are waiting for

The hopes and wishes and plans galore

That do fill our hearts and minds with glee

And create Your world this sight to see.

The birds and trees, the flowers that bloom

Assorted odors filling each room

The snow and rain, the wind as it blew

All of our treasures are gifts from You !







THE SANTA CAUSE ( 2014 ) 2014/12/21

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The children laugh, they run and play

For soon it will be Christmas Day

A holiday for one and all

Our Santa seems to heed the call !

I think his image tries to be

A joy to all of those who see

Race and religion play no part

It’s all about a kindly heart

It has to do with sharing things

And happiness that giving brings !



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