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HIS NAME WAS PAUL ( 2016 ) 2016/04/23

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There lived a man his  name was Paul

In Hebrew he was known as Saul

Though Tarsus was his native home

He traveled much, martyred in Rome.

Upon Damascus Road went he

To destroy Christianity

Twas on this trip none would forget

Christ had His death before they met !

“While on this road where do you go

Why do you persecute me so ?

My brightest light has made you blind

Three days you’ll spend to purpose find !”

Well Paul at last did true believe

And baptism he did receive

His Acts and Letters we all know

Because our bible tells us so !

Thirteenth Apostle that was he

Who wrote chapters abundantly

He lost his head to Roman  ax

His body rests entombed with Pax !




WHAT I’VE HEARD ( 2016 ) 2016/01/15

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I’ve heard the raucous seagulls by the shore

I’ve watched them dive and fish and dive some more

Their noisy bunch increasing by the score.

I’ve been enthralled by their sheer nautic ease

And watched them as they flew o’er stormy seas

Do they fare well in winter’s wind-swept freeze ?

I cannot guess the challenges they face

Or how it is they have survived life’s chase

But sure am I that they have kept apace.

Tis strange that God has chosen all the birds

To echo the full measure of His words,

“That neither sow nor reap”, is not absurd !



AT LAST ( 2014 ) 2014/12/23

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The winds of change wax strong and bold

The will of man grows harsh and cold

The time seems near and will soon come

These challenges our senses numb !

Where shall we go, where will we hide

When all the darkness moves inside

I’d rather not be present then

Observing this downfall of men !

Whoever thought we’d see the day

When all our strengths were whisked away

This time of doom has been foretold

By men of wisdom ages old

We questioned their sagacity

Shall we sit by to wait and see ?


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