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SAVE US FROM DISGRACE ( 2019 ) 2019/08/07

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There is a madness in the air

I’m ever grateful I’m not there

What is it that these people seek

For all this havoc that they reek.

Our world is drowning all around

With anger that does most confound

If someone doesn’t take the lead

Responding with the proper speed

Who is it that will save this place

And our whole nation from disgrace ?



SET US FREE ( 2019 ) 2019/06/02

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The silence of the night has ceased

The  sun  has risen  in the  east

The darkness is absorbed by light

Soon all turns colorful and bright.

Some other actor’s on the stage

With one more play that’s all the rage

Another  factor  springs to  life

To shatter calm,  encourage strife.

This world we knew has gone astray

As evil  seems to  rule  the day

Lord hear our plea, we beg of Thee

Please save us and help set us free !


WE’RE TOO OLD ( 2018 ) 2018/11/16

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When most of the darkness leaves us

And we are at last all alone

There’s no one left to deceive us

We are basic’ly  on our own.

In the midst of our lifetime’s storm

When good sense and health have vanished

Imagine that this is the norm

And what’s left here has been banished.

When the new replaces the old

And life seems to have gone astray

Remember we once were that bold

But short of a permanent stay !


DATELINE: HOBOKEN, N J, USA ( 2015 ) “TRUST” 2015/07/31

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EXCUSE ME but have you been searching for the rainbow ?  Did you know that Methuselah of Genesis fame lived 969 years and was the grandfather of Noah, known for his construction of the Ark ?  Wow, a mouthful !  God introduced the rainbow as a reminder to all that He would honor His vow to never again flood the world in perpetuity !  I learned that when I was but a small girl and since then each rainbow I have seen reinforces my belief.  Wouldn’t it be wonderful if our leaders could instill in us that kind of trust ?  Oh how I wish !  Remember Daniel 2 and his feet of clay, well welcome to reality !  Clay just reminds me of a lot of mud !  How about you ?


FAIRY TALES ( 2014 ) 2014/12/03

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The trouble with us all I think

Is that we’re standing on the brink

Perched above precariously

Without knowledge of history.

Those stories that we have been told

Are simply that, just tales of old

Sometimes I find myself entranced

With mysticism so enhanced !


Oh how I wish that I’d been there

When Rapunzel let down her hair,

Or hiding in the robber’s cave

Where Ali Baba was a knave.

Now Cinderella had it hard

To clean that house and tend the yard

Or do you think Snow White had worse

With all those dwarfs and witch’s curse ?


Today I find the world’s not changed

Some tales I hear are quite deranged

The problem is we’re told they’re true

What do you think, it’s up to you ?





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