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GOD OF ALL ( 2015 ) 2015/07/03

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This beauty that is God’s to share

Displayed to us from everywhere

Shines brightly like a diadem

Its brilliance sparkly as a gem

For all to see and know who’s king

Of earth and air and everything !


B – I – B – L – E ( 2015 )

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I think I have become too old to be

A Disney fan or Star Trekkie

I much prefer the music of

The B G’s or Burt Bacharach’s stuff.

There is no jewelry that I wear

I’ve no desire to color my hair

In the heat or cold, I shun a hat

I guess I’m boring, I can see that.

I’m afraid my books do cover all

The tables, chairs and bench in the hall

I’d rather read than watch the T V

My favorite is B – I – B – L – E !


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