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GRAVITY ( 2019 ) 2019/04/05

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When you look around what do you see

An exciting world that works for free

The sun that shines and a moon that glows

A tingling sensation, head to toes

With the awareness of who we are

And why we are ruled by one bright star

The miracle is we cling to earth

And treasure the pull for all we’re worth !


LOST AND FOUND ( 2007 ) 2016/12/26

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I love the spring I love the fall

I love God’s word above else all,

The mountains that do rise so high

With many that reach for the sky


The valleys that engender rain

The hills that stretch across the plain,

The oceans and the seas so deep

These are provisions we need keep


A sultry storm, the desert heat

Fields that produce the food we eat,

The forests that protect the home

Where creatures live and breed and roam


This is the world we can’t replace

God gifts to us our lives to grace,

Tis strange how oft we lose our way

Yet manage still to greet the day !










EARTH’S CHORUS ( 2015 ) 2015/07/08

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From the crest of the Caucusus Mountains

To the edge of the cold Antarctica shore

From the great heighths that our space probe attains

To the wild depths of a dark ocean floor

There exists a world that’s all about us

Foreign to that which we have known before

With a sound like the voice of a chorus

Thanking God for earth’s vast features and more !


GEOGRAPHY ( 2015 ) 2015/07/06

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I have seen from the top of the mountains

Into the depths of each valley below

The lush beauty that covers our woodlands

As ocean to ocean great rivers flow !


SHOW AND TELL ( 2015 ) 2015/02/08

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If I were an angel above the world so high

I’d fly from cloud to cloud so I could learn to spy

And seek out all the secrets of the earth below

Searching rivers for their source watching how they flow.

To touch each mountain top where no one dares to live

See the ocean’s ebb and flow acting like a sieve,

Imagining what happens underneath the seas

Or hillsides by the millions lush with assorted trees.

God’s world is such perfection like a magic spell

All He does is perfect, this is His show and tell !


WHAT IS GREEN ( 2001 ) 2013/04/21

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Wherever you look this world is shaded in green dye

From the forest’s floor clear to a rainbow in the sky,

A verdant place live with the miracle of God’s care

Plush valleys, woodlands and mountains that rise in the air.

What is green? I know that its not these roads that I trod

But the friendly gardens I pass that wave me a nod,

The blazoned grass in the fields and the oak when it’s young,

The trees that cover each grove with their seed as they’re sprung,

Grasshopper’s in flight emitting sounds that echo and hum,

No, not the air that we breathe but the source that it’s from.


Green’s my favorite color and the color of pine

Like the stem of each flower and the stalk of each vine,

The crest of each hill that’s burdened with blossoms it blows,

The fruits of the orchard and the tall corn as it grows,

Solemn moss upon a rock that betrays not its age,

A bird’s chorus sung from a branch, the air as its stage.


What is green? The deep of the sea, the heart of a palm

The chant of the willow’s sweep like the words of a psalm,

Caterpillars at birth and the new bud of a rose,

The youth of a man, the lid of his grave at its close,

The rigid eyes of a cat while its vigil will keep

In silence watching some prey, seeming lulled into sleep,

And there, like vespers in the wind that scatters  its seeds

Fast being held in the grasp of life’s swift spreading weeds

Tiny sprouts that protrude through the wet earth after rain

Are now promising me hope that the green will remain.

While the green of an emerald possesses great worth,

The best of life’s green is bound to the crust of the earth

Be glad that green’s the one color we cannot replace

It relieves the monotony of blacks, browns, and grays.


THE DEATH OF A STAR ( 1953 ) 2013/02/14

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Upon one night that was quiet resting

without a single star

Within that realm we cannot touch because

its contents live too far,

A comet journeyed through space and sped

across the pathway of sight

Its distant splintered trail did fail to break

the stillness of the night

And left behind for brief moments,

a sprinkling of glittering dust

Then spread itself apart in exorcise

for disappear it must.

I wonder now as I reflect upon

the scope of what I’d seen

How many a soul, who looking up has

spied that which rests between

The trembling earth and far-off heaven’s vast

and unchartered domain,

Space that exists in spite of awesome passions

in all that remain

Once where Apollo strode across the ancient

footstool of the sky

While lithesome Mercury did there his playful

lust for speech apply,

And streaked about that wide expanse mankind had

 labeled celestial,

Touching not on boundaries that are coursing

earth’s terrestial,

Yet seeming to pursue some unrestricted

end with gain supreme,

Wherein planet, moon and star react to

cycles each may redeem.

There with some complicated astronomer’s

tool to find and trace

A pattern that explains how each remembers

their specific place

Knowing one force guides this universe

with unrelenting power

Controlling the slowest movement that marks

each minute, counts each hour.

A lesson we’ve found to be constant and

true this power exists

With a will that is strong wavering not

and one plan that persists.

Search among the learning of the past while

interest piques the mind

And delving through Homer’s expertise forthwith

to some wisdom find,

Finally to conclude that man must in

his endless questing be

The simplest transiting creature that dwells

within infinity :

Let our reason be such while we follow each star

As it crests in the sky at some distance too far,

Never losing the faith that depends on our sight,

Fail to shatter the darkness which we’ll call the night

Ere time greets that moment when we pass into dust,

Know the ends of our lives are a natural must.


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