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HOPEFUL PRAYERS ( 2019 ) 2019/11/18

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When shades of night begin to fall

And evening hours do softly call

I find that I’m drawn to the sight

Of bright stars that light up the night,

While now and then as one zips past

It leaves a trail that does not last.

The stars are born in distant skies

Beyond the search of human eyes

The best that we can ever do

Is hope our prayers one day come true !



GOD’S COMMAND ( 2018 ) 2018/10/14

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The stars that shine across the sky

All glow so bright when passing by

I wonder if God’s angels see

His patterns and diversity  ?

Do angels go to sleep at night

And waken to the morning’s light

Or do they fall asleep at all

While awaiting God’s beck and call  ?

This universe is God’s command

He rules it all with heart in hand !


THE MILKY WAY ( 2017 ) 2017/12/17

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The stars o’erhead that twinkle bright

Create the beauty of each night

They wink and blink so ever strong

Up there in space where they belong.

Around the planets large and small

They hurry, scurry, one and all

With millions more that we can’t see

One hundred billionth galaxy !




SCHEDULE ( 2017 ) 2017/02/14

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Dawn awakes with a lazy yawn

And signals that nighttime has gone

As each day does arrive on time

While life begins its daily climb.

At eventide the lights turn on

Like magic lasting until morn

The twinkling stars remain intact

All constellations are exact,

How wonderful it all must be

God’s master of astronomy !





STARGAZER ( 2016 ) 2016/10/01

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I feel a chill, it fills the air

The sun’s asleep I know not where

Today’s the day of our black moon

I truly hope it shows up soon.

Oh how much I desire to see

Celestial sights with clarity

Since there’s no shining moon tonight

God’s skies o’erhead twill be e’er bright !



EARTH’S CHORUS ( 2015 ) 2015/07/08

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From the crest of the Caucusus Mountains

To the edge of the cold Antarctica shore

From the great heighths that our space probe attains

To the wild depths of a dark ocean floor

There exists a world that’s all about us

Foreign to that which we have known before

With a sound like the voice of a chorus

Thanking God for earth’s vast features and more !


BLESSINGS ( 2013 ) 2013/04/23


Oftimes when I am lying at my ease

Upon some chaise as quiet as you please

Along the sandy shore that comforts me

With warming winds beside the restless sea

I contemplate the peace that aging brings

While bearing wisdom on its learned wings.

Asleep beneath the stars and moon above

Under the spell of some enduring love

And there the beauty that I sought and knew

Still shimmered and spun the whole night through

While God Himself seemed to smile on us all

By spreading His blessings both large and small.


STARS ARE NOT FOREVER ( 1998 ) 2013/04/22

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I watched a star and saw it fall,

I felt the wind and heard it call,

I reached for sky and touched a tree,

I spied a bird, it flew past me.

I smelled a bud not yet full grown

I tread the grass the rain had sown.

I wished upon a mountain’s peak

That God might teach my tongue to speak.


I knew my way and yet was lost

I took the time, the risk, the cost,

Still all the laudits I have earned

And all the lessons I have learned

With all the things that I may do

Are much too small and far too few.


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