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LIFE’S VENUE ( 2015 ) 2015/07/25

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There was a child that used to be

Wide-eyed and cheerful, full of glee

And then one day all got to see

That grownup person who is me.

I’d like to be the way I was

But that can’t be I’m sure because

Along the way we took a pause

To teach us how a grownup does.

One finds that learning’s never done

The process blurs once you’ve begun

No guarantee ’tis always fun

The race continues till it’s done !


ECSTACY ( 2015 ) 2015/07/24

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I smile because my heart can sing

So full it is of God’s blessing

I laugh because my day is sweet

The Lord does guard me from defeat.

I pray because my future’s bright

My faith keeps working day and night

I dream because I hope to be

Included in His ecstacy !


ONE SMALL STAR ( 2015 ) 2015/07/23

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Oh winds that blow where have you been

In your journeys, what have you seen

You have roamed your existence through

What else is there as old as you ?

The winds have blown at God’s command

Since He split water from the land

Old Noah floated with the breeze

Until he saw the tops of trees.

From the beginning to the end

Your power has been our best friend

How wise God was on that first day

He planned our world for work and play

And we who think how smart we are

Have not yet changed just one small star !


THIS MORNING ( 2015 ) 2015/07/22

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As I pulled up my windowblind

To welcome God’s bright warm sunshine

A little bird chirped in so gay

As if to wish me happy day

I laughed at him and tapped the glass

He glanced at me and then flew passed.

This little bird knows paradise

He nests and sings and when he dies

Where e’er he bides woodland or farm,

He leaves no mess and does no harm

His world about will carry on

The job he does is soon passed on !


PANDORA’S BOX ( 2015 ) 2015/07/21

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The pitter-patter of the rain

Now dancing on my windowpane

Reminds me of that long ago

Forgotten game of tell and show.

Oh what great fun we all had then

I do not think that I was ten

We lived our lives from day to day

Simplicity that was our way.

Depression had not loosed its grip

Our world much like a sinking ship

The war had not yet reached our shore

Though it was gnawing at the door.

And when it came none was prepared

For most believed it wasn’t there

Like all our games of show and tell

In truth it all went straight to hell !


CLIPPED WINGS ( 2015 ) 2015/07/20

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There is a bird still sings to me

From way up high in God’s great tree

He sings so sweetly in the air

Sometimes I wish he weren’t there

Because he makes me think that I

Would follow him if I could fly

While birds were born to fly and sing

Both you and I wear God’s clipped wings !


ALSO RAN ( 2015 )

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I’m so tired of running uphill

I’d like some time to just sit still

Or help to find another way

To learn to get through every day.

The race is old and I am too

Truth is I don’t know what to do

So be a sport and lend a hand

Keep telling me that life is grand.

Perhaps after a while or so

My confidence is bound to grow

I want to do all that I can

It’s tough to be an also ran !


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