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POSSESSIONS ( 2020 ) 2020/06/22

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I  see the  world  through  portals  bound

By  all  the  objects  that  we’ve  found

To   fill  our  lives  with  great  excess

Of  foolishness  that  we  possess  !


WIN, PASS OR LOSS ( 2017 ) 2017/08/06

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When I was young and not too wise

I saw the world through clouded eyes

And often made an error in

My judgement to my great chagrin.

It took a lifetime of regret

To change some choices and reset

The values that I knew were right,

Accepted in God’s proper sight.

I’m sorry that I did not see

The terrors that affected me

Oh what a waste of time it was,

The vanity of youth because

Our God knows best He is the boss

And judges all, win, pass or loss !






ONE SMALL STAR ( 2015 ) 2015/07/23

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Oh winds that blow where have you been

In your journeys, what have you seen

You have roamed your existence through

What else is there as old as you ?

The winds have blown at God’s command

Since He split water from the land

Old Noah floated with the breeze

Until he saw the tops of trees.

From the beginning to the end

Your power has been our best friend

How wise God was on that first day

He planned our world for work and play

And we who think how smart we are

Have not yet changed just one small star !


VANITY ( 1993 ) 2013/02/08

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From the smallest bulging spike that pierces through the dense ground

To the tallest tree whose lofty limbs must ones sight astound

The will of nature’s strength and wealth with its power showing

Where wonderment exists carried on the crest of flowing.

The foolishness of we who think our minds improve the world

Yet little see that without thought the system thrives unspoiled.


Pure vanity to trust that man dispenses breath to life,

Man so like a storm ravages this earth with force and strife

To boast of minute contributions, pointing thus with pride

Not mindful of that sad moment when aim and use collide.

While death, time’s faithful harvester, a worker most devout

Proves in the end the fact that nature’s all life is about.


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