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THE TRUTH IS ( 2020 ) 2020/03/09

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Half  hidden here  behind the eye

Of  all the  stress now whizzing  by

Many  events  do come and go

Disclose  or hide  facts  we need know.

Time  will invoke  the common sense

Grownups  require  in their  defense

However  will  the youth  now learn

The  value of  each truth  discerned  ?

For  without  truth how  shall one find

The  straightest  path to  help unwind

The  answer  is,  twill  always  be

The  truth alone  shall set us free  !




RELATIVITY ( 2018 ) 2018/09/11

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How often now I chance recall

Those olden times when I was small

And all those relatives I knew

That sheltered me my childhood through.

There’s been so many I could love

To aid me in my dreaming of

A life blest with both good and bad

Mongst all those joys I’ve known and had.

I need to thank each uncle, aunt

For every dream they helped to plant

And all that wisdom they taught me

To live life with integrity !



JUSTICE FLEES ( 2017 ) 2017/12/01

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Integrity is but a show

With many icons that we know

How sad too few ever get caught

With values they should have been taught

Why are we mute or silenced there

Have we no one to grieve or care ?

A crime, so many victimized

While efforts all are minimized

Our world is begging on its knees

Save us before all justice flees !



DENIAL ( 2017 ) 2017/06/20

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For so it is and it will be

We need the truth to set us free

What is the cost of liberty

If we are blind or will not see ?


ALL WE’VE GOT ( 2017 ) 2017/03/04

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With all the nonsense we do see

We’re so thankful for our country

We have so much just look around

It is the finest to be found.

One nation of the brave and free

A bastion of our liberty

Which many now scheme to destroy

Whatever methods they’ll employ.

In truth our God is always there

To answer our unending prayer

And keep us safe no matter what

We pledge our lives and all we’ve got !




ASSIMILATION ( 2016 ) 2016/10/23

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I’d like to say that I know all

The promises I should recall

But since I was a tiny tot

It seems to me there were a lot.


While childhood was to home confined

I promised that I’d always mind

In Sunday school I swore that I

Would love the Lord and never lie.


Then as I grew and went to school

I pledged the flag and golden rule

When I was twelve, Girl Scouts came next

I took the vows and learned the text.


Now at thirteen I was confirmed

That’s where Commandments all were learned

High School became a brand new stage

I entered in another age.


I’d like to think I’ve done my best

For family, God and the rest

As truth and faith, integrity

Mean everything on earth to me !






HYPOCRITES ( 2015 ) 2015/10/15

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There’s so much now that used to be

A segment of our history

Forgotten days and glory old

When men who ruled were brave and bold.

They raised our hopes and promised dreams

None have the courage now it seems

Their service is with lips alone

Mass fallacies which they intone.

God save us from the hypocrite

With whom no honor cares to sit

Return us to our glory days

Help us redeem our honest ways !


BUYER BEWARE ( CAVEAT EMPTOR ) ( 2015 ) 2015/07/11

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The heavy crush of busy streets

Onlookers streaming everywhere

In flip-flops, sneakers, shoes with cleats

A world of madness we all share.

The hawkers, conmen, charlatans

All crowding round their corner carts

Beware the city’s denizens

In great rush to display their arts.

The simple act of walking out

And window shopping just for fun

Enjoying all the scenes about

May be precarious for some!


OUR VICTORY ( 2015 ) 2015/05/06

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Some might think that I am foolish

Or even that I’ve lost my mind

I am not known to be churlish

Not spiteful, silly or unkind.

I have no wish to tarry on

Or try to take up too much space

Please note, I am no paragon

Quite long ago I learned my place.

Our lives should be more simplified

With cause for no great mystery

We live by faith and faith implies

Our honor is our victory !


TIN SOLDIERS ( 2015 ) 2015/03/06

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I do remember very well

Tin soldiers and the tales they tell

So much of my own childhood play

Was spent imagining their day.

While soldiering was all the style

Accomplishments were well worthwhile

Real soldiers now make us take note

For soldiering can change the vote !

Most of our children have grown old

Served their nation with valor bold

The wars have come and slipt away

As mothers’ tears were in the way.

There is a lesson we need teach

The road to peace is in our reach

Tin soldiers are no longer seen

There’s Army, Navy and Marines !


NIGHT SHADOWS ( 2013 ) 2013/12/14

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Can you perceive each shadows movement in the hall

Distorted shapes that spring and bounce along the wall ?

These need to wait till day is done and loses sight

Before they cavort and dance and play by firelight,

And so each eve they leap and bound upon the stairs

So thin and tall their prancings catch you unawares !

They frolic up and down the cabinets and sides

Grotesque shapes and sizes you don’t recognise.

I think that shadows are great fun to watch at night

That is if you remind yourself, switch on the light.

Here in our world the truth reacts in manner same

Phantoms of a lie twist your vision and your aim

The truth at best will keep your earthly values straight

Its shadows will not echo in your life or fate !


DATELINE: HOBOKEN, NJ, USA “DESTINY” ( 1984 ) 2013/11/14

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EXCUSE ME, they’re playing our song !  Do you remember the words ?  “God bless America land that I love”. A kind of poetry, words of songs that began with men like George M.  Cohan and women like Kate Smith.  Words we’ve  disregarded for years in lieu of MTA, Walkman, Beatles, Michael Jackson and even Lionel Ritchie.  The problem has been that we haven’t made room for both, like forgetting how great a cold beer is after acquiring a taste for Stoli on the rocks! “She’s the emblem of the land I love, the home of the free and the brave,”. It used to be, these songs filled many a hall with resounding applause and many a heart with astounding pride.  What “the world needs now ” is a healthy dose of plain old fashioned patriotism.  Let’s see a show of hands and maybe a show of flags.  Take time out to thank someone for doing their job well, a nurse, teacher, postman, waiter, bus driver, a child.  Maybe they’ll thank us in return by doing even better !  Today we stand at the crossroads and must choose between old habits or a rejuvenated search for national identity.  Look around, we grouse too much, blame someone else, ask others to do our job not realizing that we are each an integral part of the whole.  A broken toe causes a body to limp, throw away the crutches, stand up tall and stop playing cripple!  Excuse me while I salute the flag!              Sincerely,                                                    Claire B.


LOST ( 2013 ) 2013/05/10

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These memories that from our youth still cling

To values old that hope and trust will bring

Into this world since truth has lost its place

With no good choice to fill the empty space.

A valued thought by chance may come to mind

To help employ the wisdom we shall find

And question why our world has lost its way

Amid the toxins of the present day.

As men reject their past identity

In this sad world of such dishonesty

And leave us here to ponder why they do,

We lose our faith their words or deeds ring true!


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