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MEMORY LANE ( 2020 ) 2020/03/19

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I’ve  wandered down  on memory lane

Hoping  to visit  old  friends again

Trying  to recall  what used  to be

Traveling  back in my memory

So  many shadows along the way

Of  all we have met here day by day

Celebrate  occasions one by one

From  early  morn till each  day is done !






COLD OUTSIDE ( 2019 ) 2019/11/06

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The  fireplace  flickers as the fire glows

It  warms the  fingertips and  the toes

Too soon  the winter will  settle here

And stay  with us till the  end of year.

We’ll  learn to laugh though it turns quite chill

While there’s no chance it could change our will

For who  doesn’t  love the  old  fireside

When  winds  blow  hard and it’s  cold outside ?



ONE PROMISE ( 2019 ) 2019/09/16

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Oh  dearest Lord,  what shall I do

My stay on earth too soon is  through

I  leave my  love  and heart behind

For family  and  friends  to find.

But if  I’m gone and no one’s  there

Who will  be  left to truly  care,

I  pray  that you remember me

With  kindness  and simplicity.

My  closing  thought regarding  this

To seal my word  with one  last  kiss

I  charge  you now  for all  times sake

This  is a  promise I  shan’t   break !





HOW MUCH I CARE ( 2019 ) 2019/07/20

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A little bit of humor,  her smile to show she’d dare

The sound of laughter on our ears floating in the air

A tiny  piece of heaven for  every one to share

Today’s my mother’s birthday and oh, how much I care !


AND USED TO BE ( 2019 ) 2019/01/26

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There are these photos on the wall

Of folks I barely know at all

There’s a few I had never met

And others that I shan’t forget.

Familiar faces from the past

All precious images that last

As life once was, grateful to see

When all were young and used to be !


WE SHALL MISS YOU ( 2018 ) 2018/10/10

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We’ll miss you love, when you have gone

And seek God’s strength to carry on

Twill be so strange as in this case

We’ll ne’er again meet face to face.

Nor shall we ever ” tete a  tete ”

As soon we may tend to forget

How much we pray for one last kiss

Too late we all have been remiss !


A HUGE GOD BLESS ( 2018 ) 2018/07/05

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Sometimes I dream ’bout long ago

And all the joys we used to know,

I miss that world so very much

Too sad we couldn’t keep in touch.

Seems now as though I’m in the past

Perhaps one that’s surviving last

Oh how I wish that I might spend

A day or two among my friends.

Well I’m no fool, that is a fact

We cannot bring the old times back

And need to bargain for much less,

Let’s settle for a huge God bless !




REDEDICATION ( 2017 ) 2017/09/11

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Oh foul device and evil  intent

Of those whose motive to harm was meant

With all of our tears that have been spent

God with purpose our lives reinvent !


I CAN’T FORGET ( 2017 ) 2017/03/28

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My heart got lost so long ago

How that occured I cannot know

It was that war, I often think

That took our values to the brink

The young, the old, the in-between

Not one of us escaped the scene

It hollowed out each living thing

And in our lives did chaos bring

We took the test and some did win

Although too many were done in

And there were those, ones that I  saw

Who ne’er returned forever more

Oh Lord I wish I could  forget,

I haven’t mastered that trick yet !







OLD MEMORIES ( 2016 ) 2016/09/10

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Why can’t I remember or recall

All those precious times when I was small

When I sat upon my daddy’s knee

As he held me tight and talked to me ?

These memories are melting away

Just like my life, drip by drip each day

Oh what I’d give to capture it all

Sweet memories from when I was small !



CHANGELING ( 2016 ) 2016/09/01

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The air is sweet with salted breath

It rises from the ocean’s depth

The summer storms have blown away

And left us this vacation day

The wind has slipt among the trees

Suggesting life is well at ease.

Some days are perfect, some are not

Some days remembered, some forgot

I hope one day to chance recall

That moment summer morphed to fall !




JUDGEMENT ( 2016 ) 2016/07/20

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We live in dark and dangerous days

Beware of those preaching foreign ways

Remain steadfast to God’s own commands

Avoid the teaching of new demands.

The day expected is soon to come

Keep hold of your faith with its wisdom

God speaks to us and we must adhere

For His judgement day is too soon near !



FULL OF JOY ( 2016 ) 2016/03/27

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When I grew up life was so hard

There were no swing sets in the yard

And baby sitters were unknown

Your parents left you home alone

There were no bathrooms in the house

You took the path to an outhouse.

We never minded that at all

Although at times I thought I’d fall

Into that abyss in the ground

Without a hope of being found

That’s how I learned to be so brave

Like all the candles I still save.

Yet life was real and full of hope

One didn’t in the darkness grope,

It made us strong and very wise

Our world was full of great surprise.

God gave us will to make a choice

To use our hands and heart and voice.

The stoves were big and black and bold

And kept us warm through winter cold

Each family had an icebox

No TV but a small voice-box

We cherished it, both girl and boy

Those days of old were full of joy !



MY WAR ( 2015 ) 2015/12/07

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I hear their voices calling me

Out of a past that used to be

So long ago and faraway

That unspeakable yesterday.

I was quite young how could I know

I lost my childhood quickly though

The words I heard, I can’t forget

At times I’m sure they echo yet

And temper all my actions still

I am convinced they always will !



OLD JOYS ( 2015 ) 2015/11/29

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Oh blessed Lord how the heart does sing

With all the bliss of remembering

The sweetest song of each nesting bird

That even angels in heaven heard,

As the hopeful times of yesterday

Merge hearts that are free to laugh and play

Ere the dark descends from up above

To scatter dreams of remembered love !



THE BATTLE ( 2015 ) 2015/11/11

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Oh those men who took the hill that day

In a foreign land so far away,

Too many died as they gained the beach

A thousand drowned weighted in the breach.

Who knew what strengths would fill all these men

When courage chose to inspire again

And charge the hill filled with fire and brim

Like hell’s front gate at volcano rim ?

While the memories still haunt their nights

With death’s dark vision midst blinding lights,

What’s wrong with this world in which we live

When is time ripe to learn to forgive ?


WE WERE FRIENDS ( 2015 ) 2015/10/09

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Oh for the days of auld lang syne

And friends we’ve lost or cannot find

We knew such joy and made great plans

The dreams we shared traversed all spans.

Though others fell beside the way

We managed to get through each day

But truth to tell it’s not the same

Sometimes I can’t recall a name.

I see the face and note the scent

I don’t remember where it went

There is a void left in my heart

This empty space since your depart !


ANGEL TEARS ( 2015 ) 2015/04/04

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The angel tears fall all around

They sigh as each drop hits the ground

While heaven’s angels softly cry

The darkened times echo their sigh.

Can you guess why it seems so sad

This day recalls the death He had

Reminding us the hope that’s given

By our blest Lord as He has risen !


I RECALL ( 2015 ) 2015/03/26

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Those images that I recall

So long ago when I was small

My father’s laugh, my mother’s smile

Sweet memories held by a child

The smells, the sounds that filled the air

The joyous times that we all shared.

Oh how grown up it was to be

Included in their company

Such love held fast both now and then

And glowed as I remember when !


RAINBOW ( 2015 ) 2015/03/24

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If I were a rainbow my home would be the sky

You would see my colors if mist were passing by

The sun must be behind if you’re to catch the glow

There through tiny raindrops it’s time to see the show.

Only seven colors the spectrum is complete

Oh what a sight to show majestic and so sweet

And such a great reminder that God is ever there

Keeping every promise that we were meant to share !


SWEET GOODBYE ( 2014 ) 2014/11/13

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My heart would pace a million miles

To catch one glimpse of your sweet smiles

And wait for days upon a line

To learn that you were doing fine !

I miss you still and always will

Like all the plans we can’t fulfill

Until the sun deserts the sky

The moon and I bid sweet goodbye !


LAST EMBRACE ( 2014 ) 2014/10/12

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At times I wonder why it’s so

The ones we love must come and go

But ever live within our hearts

We miss them all as each departs.

I understand the reason why

The pain of loss gives cause to cry

Remaining still devout with care

Although they are no longer there.

Somehow we learn to be quite strong

To keep our tears where they belong

And paste a smile upon our face

Remembering that last embrace !


ONE LAST DAY ( 2014 ) 2014/09/24

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I wish I were an hour glass

That holds the precious sand of time

Then I’d control the way days pass

And that would be my wish sublime !

I’d find a way to slow the sand

So time cannot just slip away

And it will seem alright and grand

For us to share this one last day !


LET’S CELEBRATE ! ( 2014 ) 2014/07/01

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Forgotten there upon the floor

Hair ribbons littered by the door

The smell of aftershave so sweet

It taints the taste of breakfast treat.

With crumpled socks all in a heap

Next to the sheets from last night’s sleep

A sorry mess that waits for care

Beside the dresser on the chair.

Because we have a mission here

That visits us just once a year

Our nation’s birth we’ll celebrate

No matter what we shan’t be late !



TO GREAT GRANDMA , NÉE 1861 ( 2014 ) 2014/06/08

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I have searched in vain for a special place

In which to occasion my last embrace

In my mind remains, after many years

How my dear grandma shed her final tears !

Her words to me I shall never forget

As she said her goodbyes with no regret

Though but a child I remember her still

And I love her now and forever will !

In truth, I haven’t forgotten her face

Or the strength of her courage, help and grace

For the child I was, she taught me to be

Honest and fair giving, loving and free,

She spoke with her God day and night

Was angelic in her apron starched white

She lived in that house I’ve told you about

No running water and toilet without.

She left her heart and her dreams behind

And whispered her secret that I might find

Whatever I prayed for would come to be

Especially God keeping watch o’er me !

( SHE JOINED THE ANGELS  7/20/1936 )







NEVER FORGET ! ( 2014 ) 2014/06/06

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Oh Lord, walk with me, we’ll go hand in hand

Across that sad beach in some foreign land

Our journey is swift, return we may not

But that long ago day can’t be forgot.

While the time fades away into the past

The lesson we learned is one that won’t last

Just turn around to observe where we are

Sadly you’ll see that we haven’t come far !


OLD WAYS ( 2013 ) 2013/12/28

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I heard the bells last Christmas Day

And all the hymns carillon played,

I thought about the stories told

When I was young, not quite so old,

And pray the children that I meet

Remember well and will repeat

Sweet memories that change has cost

Tradition gone beliefs we’ve lost,

Time to revive the olden days

Returning to those golden ways !


THE MESSAGE ( 2013 ) 2013/12/24

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Tis Christmastime, it’s here once more

The folks we love rush through the door

We greet them all with happy face

They’re all decked out in tweeds and lace !

We’ll dine and open gifts en masse

We’ll hug and kiss and take a glass

Of Yuletide nog or maybe beer

To wish us all the best of cheer.

Along the way we may recall

The reason that we’ve gathered all,

It’s not about the gifts and things

It is the message this day brings !


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