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SOME FORSAKEN ( 2019 ) 2019/03/08

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To find oneself alone at last

With memories of things now past

Of happy days and lazy times

Some foolishness, some silly rhymes

Or moments when tears cannot stop

As dreams we’ve had did a flip flop.

Tis strange how life’s misunderstood

In quite many a neighborhood

But we must carry on, you see

For that’s a part of destiny

The path that each one has taken

Leaves some winning, some forsaken !



AND WORSHIP GOD ( 2018 ) 2018/05/02

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If I could sail across the waves

Upon the seas and pass the caves

Where stories speak of mystery

Oh, what a sight that one might see !

A world exists outside our mind

Where legend and adventure wind

I’d be a traveler at best

Who roams the oceans without rest.

Oh what adventure that would be

Escaping time’s reality

To follow where the birds dare fly

And worship God in His own sky !


ADVENTURE ( 2015 ) 2015/04/15

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I’ve traveled wide across the sea

To feed my curiousity

I’ve been to lands so far away

In places that I chose to stay.

Along the ridges of the cliffs

Or edges of the ocean’s rifts,

The wonders that are ours to taste

Like cultures we must not erase

Fill this old world with magic spin

And beauty we may revel in,

With so much more that’s yet to come

In God’s expected new kingdom !


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