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EACH WISH FULFILL ( 2019 ) 2019/12/15

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The  Christmas lights are burning bright

Invading  darkness of  the night

Colors  bursting clear to  the roof

Reverberating  season’s  proof

Extending  faith they wish  to share

With  believers  everywhere

Believe  the season’s  magic will

With  love  and joy,  each wish  fulfill !


SIMPLE BEAUTY ( 2019 ) 2019/06/01

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There is a simple beauty

In all that one ought to see

This world that’s wrapt about me

Exudes great alacrity

With every single instance

Of my entire existence

I have tried to understand

With the wisdom here at hand

An adventure to expand

All so elegant and grand

This monment full of pleasure

In life for all to measure !


“WHOO” ARE YOU ( 2018 ) 2018/11/10

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The night arrives so swiftly now

The moon too soon will make its bow

Hurrah,  say we, but what is there

Beyond yon tree, a blinking stare ?

Who is it there, who hides from me

Reveal yourself, so I may see

Who thinks to play a game or two

Let’s wait to see if I catch you !

Oh my,  oh my,  you brazen guy

You have escaped into the sky

And left me wishing that I might

Join you one day in magic flight !




TO VICTORY ( 2018 ) 2018/02/27

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I hear the sound of distant drums

Too soon the problem this way comes

Let’s gird our loins and standup tall

We’ll brace our backs against the wall.

Too late we learn there’s no redress

It’s not that easy, I confess

Tis better far to peaceful be

And smoke the pipe to victory !




ALMOST EVERYONE ( 2017 ) 2017/11/22

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This world’s full of magic, I feel it every day

Truth, I wouldn’t change it for any other way

Along with all its beauty, courage and elan

Like the great white egret that wades amongst the swan.

Seems to me the angels are watching all the fun

Sharing laughs in heaven with almost  everyone !


THROUGH THE DOOR ( 2017 ) 2017/02/04

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I love the way the snowflakes fall

In their great rush to cover all

They land in heaps about knee high

And keep on swirling from the sky

This place is clouded in pure white

It sure is one dramatic sight.

Just feel the air it’s frosty cold

The snow’s a power to behold

It glitters bright for those who share

The magic and elusive glare.

I sure would love to greet the sun

Assured that soon the cold is done

Though we shall have to wait some more

Before this spring walks through the door !





WATER BABY ( 2016 ) 2016/03/30

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I am so glad my life began

Close to the ocean’s magic span

All seasides bring great joy to me

I’ve spent my life next to the sea.


For I have been in Jersey born

And loved its waters night and morn

I’ve spent my childhood playing by

The edge of lakes or brooks nearby.


The sound of water seems to me

Like some majestic symphony

There’s never in my life a day

The water’s not a walk away.


To me the choice is matter small

If leafy pond or waterfall

Some stream meandering about

Or bubbling spring with water spout.


Now I’m a Pisces, water sign

Two little fishes unaligned

While one swims up, the other down

Whatever happens we don’t drown !



WINGS OF LOVE ( 2015 ) 2015/11/24

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I thank You Lord for all You’ve done

For everything and everyone,

I beg You please desert us not

For in the end You’re all we’ve got

I cannot bear the pain I see

Your children know such misery.

This world is fighting to survive

Help us to keep our faith alive

Speed love upon its magic wings

And share the joy of life it brings !






REMEMBER WHEN ( 2015 ) 2015/04/27

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I have learned so many things

Bout a circus with three rings

And the seals whose flippers clap

Underneath the canvas flap.

Acrobats who ride a horse

Doing tricks around the course,

Circus master in his hat

Strongman and the lady fat

All of this it used to be

When the west was wild and free.

Caravans were part of that

Cowboys with their lariat

Indians in native paint

Daredevils made ladies faint

Such a thrill it must have been

To be there, remember when !


MEANDERINGS ( 2015 ) 2015/04/20

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There is a world that lives within the magic of my mind

And in this place I know exists the actions that I find

A road that twists along the way and creatures that I meet

Are there to greet this stranger as I travel on their street.


ADVENTURE ( 2015 ) 2015/04/15

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I’ve traveled wide across the sea

To feed my curiousity

I’ve been to lands so far away

In places that I chose to stay.

Along the ridges of the cliffs

Or edges of the ocean’s rifts,

The wonders that are ours to taste

Like cultures we must not erase

Fill this old world with magic spin

And beauty we may revel in,

With so much more that’s yet to come

In God’s expected new kingdom !


THE MAGIC SPINS ( 2015 ) 2015/01/25

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Along the shore the seashell hides

It’s tossed about by feckless tides

There polished by the caustic sands

To fit into small childish hands,

And with each one they will dream on

Imagining some marathon

Of voyages across the seas

In their shell crafts upon the breeze.

Oh what a tale adventure spells

And how much joy the journey tells

As children dream while magic spins

Their seashell ride into the winds !


MORNING MOON ( 2014 ) 2014/01/19

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I looked outside into the sky

And in the west there shone this eye

So round and full and bright and white

Set in blue sky mid morning light.

I find it strange the two should meet

Like passing strangers on a street

I think that God employs surprise

Morning magic as we arise !

How much more ere we each depart

Will He reveal to trusting heart

To prove to us omnipotence

Is His alone in every sense ?


MAGIC ( 2014 ) 2014/01/01

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There is no one born without worth

We are His children from our birth

This world so great and marvelous

Such beauty God has gifted us.

He counts the hairs upon our heads

While angels guard us in our beds

There’s so much magic happening

With His true wisdom beckoning.

A consequence this wealth recalls

When in the forest one leaf falls

The stars above can sense the sound

And heaven hears it hit the ground !


WAVES ( 2013 ) 2013/12/17

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I know a place where seaweed grows

In quiet and secluded coves

Where sea air whines its plaintive song

And we somehow can sing along

While  waves and shore do gently kiss

Having found their unfettered bliss.

Bold seagulls here and there may fly

And dive and swoop and cloud the sky

With sights and sounds that scold the tide

Beside the beach where seashells bide

And hide in shallows tossed between

While God reviews this magic scene !


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