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VICTORIOUS ( 2019 ) 2019/06/19

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This man reviled by all the press

Who came on board to fix the mess

His name will live in history

He saved this nation  for the free

And time alone shall tell the tale

So many stories to regale

Have faith that in the end we’ll see

His name will mark our victory !




GOD’S ARMY ( 2019 ) 2019/05/05

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I had an uncle,  sweet as he could be

My dad made him the guardian of me

He’d been a fighter in the first Great War

There in the trenches on a foreign shore

Heroic Marine in the fields of France

Who was mustard-gassed while on an advance.

He was a man possessed of great intent

Disposed to say precisely what he meant

I’ll ne’er forget him or the love he gave

Values he taught me I’ll take to the grave

I wonder now if  he happens to be

A soldier in  God’s heavenly army !




HIS NAME WAS PAUL ( 2016 ) 2016/04/23

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There lived a man his  name was Paul

In Hebrew he was known as Saul

Though Tarsus was his native home

He traveled much, martyred in Rome.

Upon Damascus Road went he

To destroy Christianity

Twas on this trip none would forget

Christ had His death before they met !

“While on this road where do you go

Why do you persecute me so ?

My brightest light has made you blind

Three days you’ll spend to purpose find !”

Well Paul at last did true believe

And baptism he did receive

His Acts and Letters we all know

Because our bible tells us so !

Thirteenth Apostle that was he

Who wrote chapters abundantly

He lost his head to Roman  ax

His body rests entombed with Pax !




OH MOSES ! ( 2015 ) 2015/04/08

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The picture that now greets our eyes

Perhaps too soon will don disguise

To hide away its plan perverse,

Destroy our dreams or even worse.

The time has come there’s no delay

To take a stand or kneel and pray

To beg our God He take command

Ere we are slaves in our own land !


DATELINE : Hoboken, New Jersey, USA ” HERO ” ( 2013 ) 2013/05/21

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Am I correct in believing that Brokaw called my era the “ Greatest Generation” ?  ( My mother bought me that book.)  I spent more than 76 years of my life in “ incredibly “ close proximity to my mom, she was my “hero” !  I miss her everyday and live by the simple rules she valued.  In German it was : Kirche, Kinder, Kochin, “loosely”  translated into … God, family, duty !  Not a bad goal.


Claire B.


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