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THIS JOURNEY’S DONE ( 2019) 2019/09/03

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Sometimes  I want to yell and  scream

To exit from this  madd’ning  scene

The world I  love is gone from here

It  shall  not  ever  reappear.

Instead all that  I’ve valued so

Packed up its bags  and had to go

Tis sad  the  time  has gone

No  reason  left to carry on.

Small  matter what we say or do

Our stay on  earth is  overdue

Let’s  count our blessings  one by one

And thank the Lord  this journey’s  done !



OUR END ( 2015 ) 2015/04/09

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The morn arrives both bright and new

With fragile hope soon overdue

The day awakes midst tender light

Seems we’ve just bid the world goodnight.

How fleet the time does pass us by

As youth to age will quickly fly

We barely touch what might been

Then wander off into the wind !


DEPARTURE ( 2015 ) 2015/03/31

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Oh magic wand, where have you gone

We need your help to carry on

The weatherman decrees more snow

Where did your special powers go ?

How long is it we’ll have to wait

For spring to enter our front gate,

Oh springtime sprite you’re overdue

Do you need help to make it through ?

Dear snowfairy, it’s time to fly

We beg of you, please say goodbye !


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