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GOD’S WATCHDOGS ( 2015 ) 2015/04/29

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Sometimes I think I hear the angels sing

Quite like the sound of gentle whispering

I’ve never heard the flutter of their wings

Though it might add to our imaginings !

I do not think I’ll ever get to see

Those angel faces watching over me

There in the shadow of our ecstasy

Where they are veiled in anonimity.

I am prepared to trust they are all here,

God’s helpful watchdogs with their mission clear

To seek and find as each last path appears

The journey follows without mortal fears !


THE GOAL ( 2014 ) 2014/02/21

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Today is just another day

I won’t agree, I cannot say

For days are how we mark the space

From birth to final resting place.

The life of man is counted so

Weeks, months and years do come and go

We rise and fall and make a choice

We silence keep or use our voice.

If useful life is what we choose

The path we take may win or lose

When all is done and we are free

The goal we seek, eternity !


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