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SAFE AND FREE ( 2015 ) 2015/09/27

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Do you recall what it was like

When you were but a tiny tyke

And kids would play out in the rain

Barefooted, zooming like a plane ?

Or hopscotch on a city street

With concrete squares beneath your feet,

What’s happened to those days of joy

When children could be girl or boy ?

A game of tag or hide and seek

Just count to ten and do not peek,

Oh how much fun there used to be

When children were kept safe and free !


BOLD DECEPTION ( 2015 ) 2015/02/26

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Somehow it seems along the way

I can’t say why we’ve gone astray

We’ve wandered far off of the road

And took on this excessive load

Who was it knew what this might be

A final act of heresy  ?

Some were good men we know by name

Who tried to save us from this game

As others rushed headlong into

Lack of concern for what was true

They’ve lied and cheated on us all

And bear the blame for freedom’s fall !


HAPPY DAYS ( 2014 ) 2014/08/07

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My memories of childhood sing

They have that old familiar ring

Just kids trying to kick-the-can

Come see how fast that they all ran !

Or five-ten-ring-a-levio

Show me how far that you will go

Hear now red-rover, red-rover

Calling let Annie come-over !

But best of all, hop-scotch for two

That’s followed by the game Statue

Oh for those past and happy days

When life was sweet and children played !


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