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SEARCHING ( 2015 ) 2015/02/18

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There was a story that I’d heard

So long ago it seems absurd

About a man who lost his way

He couldn’t tell his night from day.

He wandered far across the land

Through mountainpass and desert sand

He crossed the waters wide and deep

He travelled on without much sleep.

Until at last he stopped to rest

And found the object of his quest

An ancient town and tiny gem

By name it was called Bethlehem !



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The snow still falls upon the ground

Is there a furnace to be found

We need to turn the heat up high

And bid the cold a quick goodbye !

Just as it was long time ago

We saw the beauty of the snow,

The time’s now past and all we’ve done

Is complicate what was great fun !

Tis sad to think there seems no way

For us to try to warmer stay

Where is it that we will belong

The freeze is here but much too long !


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