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MY CHOICE ( 2019 ) 2019/12/01

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The  winter chill is  moving in

It’s  time to  take it  on the  chin

Unpack  your warmest   set  of clothes

Including  scarf,  gloves,  hat and hose.

Your  best  wool sweater  underneath

And  don’t forget the  holly  wreath

I  spy the  frost on  every bough

The  weather’s  truly  colder now.

Could   use   the warmth  that threatens all

As  per  our  latest  know- it- all

Somehow  I  think it is  a ruse

And  nothing  close to  what I ‘d choose !





BUNDLE UP ( 2019 ) 2019/11/22

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Tis the season of fall harvest

The conclusion of this past year

When all intentions do suggest

It’s time good things now do appear.

Avoid the chill and evening cold

And keep the thermos near the fire

Use scarf and gloves as we’ve been told

Thus staying warm as needs require.

The winter comes as winter goes

Mid slush and frost and icy roads

The ice may drip o’er face and nose

Aft snow surrounds us by the loads !







CAPTIVE TO THE COLD ( 2019 ) 2019/10/31

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The  summer’s  gone,  it’s  blown away

Beg as  I would,  it could  not stay

And now  I feel  the traitor’s spell

I  cannot  bar old  Autumn’s  tell.

So  stoke the fire  and  heat up  all

The  fruits and  plants from  frosty  fall

Shall  all  be  captive to the  cold

Like  pioneers  in times  of old !




TIS WINTER ONCE AGAIN ( 2018 ) 2018/11/29

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I see the frost upon the bough

I know the weather’s colder now

It seems the winter has appeared

Clad in its ever bright white gear!

The clock that’s on my kitchen wall

Marks time through winter, spring and fall

While summer days may melt away

To leave behind each yesterday

With warmth to hasten any claim

To love or joy or hope or fame !



CALAMITY ( 2016 ) 2016/12/18

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Now here it is, tis come at last

That cold and windy winter’s  blast

With ice and snow and crippling sleet

For who can manage on his feet ?

The chill invades most everywhere

How will the birds take to the air,

The squirrels nestled in their dens

Will shiver much before this ends.

While all God’s creatures in the yard

Must find the going rather hard

Dear Lord above, please hear our plea

And save us from calamity !



UNDONE ( 2016 ) 2016/11/01

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The frost is on the pumpkin and the birds are on the wing

Let us cuddle in our nests until we return to spring

Take out all the extra blankets and turn the heat up high

It’s gonna be a winter that is loathe to say goodbye

And remember, when nears next season and birds homeward come

The process is do-over and what’s old has been undone !


WOOLIES ( 2016 ) 2016/01/20

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Jack Frost’s arrived I’m sad to say

I truly wish he’d lost his way

We know that he has friends galore

Who shop a lot at Land’s End store,

Oh how I’d love right now to see

A season that might warmer be !



A FROSTY MORN ( 2015 ) 2015/11/07

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The dampness slips beneath my sheet

From hips on down to icy feet

The chill pervades the very air

I can no longer linger there

Tis time to rise begin the day

And try to wish the cold away.

I look beyond my window glass

To watch the cold of morning pass

It’s not that I don’t favor snow

The warmth just seems to please me so !


THE BIG FREEZE ( 2015 ) 2015/02/18

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The snow still falls upon the ground

Is there a furnace to be found

We need to turn the heat up high

And bid the cold a quick goodbye !

Just as it was long time ago

We saw the beauty of the snow,

The time’s now past and all we’ve done

Is complicate what was great fun !

Tis sad to think there seems no way

For us to try to warmer stay

Where is it that we will belong

The freeze is here but much too long !


ENDLESS WINTER ( 2015 ) 2015/02/09

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The morning wakens with each dawn

And tiptoes round with trepid yawn

The air is chill and blows intense

Against this frost we’ve small defense.

When Mother Nature throws a fit

We always get the worst of it

She is a force beyond the will

Of those who fight her cold and chill.

I cannot wait till she moves on

And we succumb to springtime’s charm

A welcome change to all we’ve seen

This endless winter’s snowy scene !




THE WINTER FROST ( 2015 ) 2015/02/06

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A crystal glaze now hugs the ground

And covers all the streets around

Each glossy surface seems to be

Surrounded by infinity.

It stretches out before the eyes

This world of white shines with surprise

One cannot see the end of it

No edge or seam, no not a whit !

Too soon today will greet the night

While morning will renew the sight,

The silence reigns with each new day

Oh winter freeze, please go away !



FROST ( 1970 ) 2013/02/11

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Oh, fickle season, you have promised winter’s been repelled,

But curling leaves and frigid air mark you blunt deceiver,

There’s a chill pervading tonight, that cannot be dispelled,

Untimely demise, infant growth, implicit believer,

Just this morn, I spied a robin red flirting on the sill,

Timid peeking from behind the spiny pussywillow,

One frail yellow-budded shrub impatient holding back until

The lonely mourning dove comes seeking her mossy pillow,

The scared and peeling, hulking elm nodding its approval

With pecking intruder tapping out frantic rhythmic beat,

A carpet of wasting leaves now heaped, await removal,

Depart soon, wicked fomenter of discontent complete.


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