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DRAGONS ( 2015 ) 2015/02/21

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If I were a dinosaur

What is it that I would see

The world as it was before

In a place that used to be.

Dinosaurs lived long ago

When there was no one about

They roamed the earth to and fro

Free to screech and howl and shout !

They came in many sizes

Long and tall and short and fat

Ate each other, no surprises

I’m so glad I missed all that !

There must have been a reason

One that I cannot explain

Seems all died in one season

Never to be seen again !


QUIET LIGHT ( 2015 )

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I haven’t thought too much today

What my life will be tomorrow

I’ve no desire to find some way

Where moments beg, steal or borrow.

I have no dreams of afterlife

Or hope that soars to distant height

I search for peace absent of strife

A world bathed in God’s quiet light !


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