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BUNDLE UP ( 2019 ) 2019/11/22

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Tis the season of fall harvest

The conclusion of this past year

When all intentions do suggest

It’s time good things now do appear.

Avoid the chill and evening cold

And keep the thermos near the fire

Use scarf and gloves as we’ve been told

Thus staying warm as needs require.

The winter comes as winter goes

Mid slush and frost and icy roads

The ice may drip o’er face and nose

Aft snow surrounds us by the loads !







CAPTIVE TO THE COLD ( 2019 ) 2019/10/31

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The  summer’s  gone,  it’s  blown away

Beg as  I would,  it could  not stay

And now  I feel  the traitor’s spell

I  cannot  bar old  Autumn’s  tell.

So  stoke the fire  and  heat up  all

The  fruits and  plants from  frosty  fall

Shall  all  be  captive to the  cold

Like  pioneers  in times  of old !




WHITE O’ER ALL ( 2019) 2019/03/03

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The snow is falling all around

And multi-layered on the ground

The trees are wearing crowns of white

There’s ne’er a color in our sight.

It hasn’t stopped since yesterday

How long before this goes away

Outside the windows all you see

Is winterscape infinity.

The rooftops all seem burdened too

The eaves resemble an igloo

No matter where the eye may fall

The world outside is white o’er all !



GET LOST ( 2017 ) 2017/08/03

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The winter winds are a world away

That’s where I wish that they all would stay

There are some things I could live without

Including ice, slush and sauerkraut !

Now it doesn’t matter how I try

My ideas don’t stand a chance to fly

So old winter gets to rear its head

Bringing snow and cold to us instead,

How I wish I could escape the frost

And this wintertime would just get lost !





WOOLIES ( 2016 ) 2016/01/20

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Jack Frost’s arrived I’m sad to say

I truly wish he’d lost his way

We know that he has friends galore

Who shop a lot at Land’s End store,

Oh how I’d love right now to see

A season that might warmer be !



OMEN ( 2015 ) 2015/10/28

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The early sunlight filters through the trees

The naked branches quiver in the breeze

The air is chill and threatens soon to freeze

I spy the foam-capped waves upon the seas.


BRIEF RESPITE ( 2015 ) 2015/03/21

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If I were a snowflake where is it I would go

Me and my companions, into high piles of snow

But oh can you imagine what great sights we’d see

Drifting from the heights on each town or small city.

We are all different no two alike or same

There’s no way that heaven could give each one a name

I think it’s quite exciting gliding wide and far

Snowflakes must have visited even with the Tzar !

They fell on every mountain and covered all the trees

They whistled in the wind and crackled in the freeze

There is so much beauty in all this pristine white

I thank you God but now I’d like a brief respite !


THE BIG FREEZE ( 2015 ) 2015/02/18

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The snow still falls upon the ground

Is there a furnace to be found

We need to turn the heat up high

And bid the cold a quick goodbye !

Just as it was long time ago

We saw the beauty of the snow,

The time’s now past and all we’ve done

Is complicate what was great fun !

Tis sad to think there seems no way

For us to try to warmer stay

Where is it that we will belong

The freeze is here but much too long !


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