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FAMILY BUSINESS ( 2015 ) 2015/02/03

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My Pop he was my mother’s dad

In life he gave it all he had,

My Pop he was so ever sweet

He was a favorite on the street.

“Hey George” they’d call with hearty voice

“What’s new today, what is our choice ?”

He knew that they would come to eat

He’d nod his head and tap his feet.

He’d do a jig to make them smile

Still taking orders all the while,

He swept that sidewalk every morn

And worked that store from early dawn.

My Nana she came in at noon

It seemed that never was too soon

And after lunch was almost through

He made the bank by half-past two

He never was a minute late

And walked with happy spritely gait !

One little man in woolen cap

He’d head on home to take his nap.

When Nana died in sixty-two

We thought his storekeep time was through

It came as one complete surprise

He joined me in my enterprise !




SEAFARER ( 2015 )

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I do not think I’d like to be

A great big fish who lived asea

Or even just a liitle one

Who swims around a tiny pond

I might consider alternates

Without the use of fishing nets.

Perhaps glass bowl or maybe tank

In which the chest and diver sank

To sandy bottom rich in shells

Midst pirate tales each sailor tells,

Oh what a treasure there must be

Of stories spun about the sea !



INTO THE FRAY ( 2015 ) 2015/02/02

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Excuse me but I need to say

That all I hear are lies today

Please tell me how the truth got lost

And what will be the total cost ?

Is there one person who does know

Which way the winds are apt to blow

Who can define the final goal

Can it be true we’ve sold our soul ?

This must not be a bartered thing

For honor soars on vaulted wing !



AT HEAVENS GATE ( 2015 ) 2015/02/01

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We’ve lived our lives, our golden days

We’ve overcome our wayward ways

We’ve learned to plan for peace at hand

Ere we shall seek the promised land.

We’ve watched while men do values slay

Crushing all who stand in their way

Destroying things not understood

No tolerance for kind or good !

Those qualities which they exude

Empower the false, the harsh, the crude

How much longer must we all wait

To catch one glimpse of Heaven’s Gate ?


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