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SLIPPING AWAY ( 2019 ) 2019/07/18

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It seems  my life is  slipping  away

The  pull gets stronger  day after day

How  shall one  decide  which  way to go

Is there  a clue we  have need  to know

What  has  happened  to  ” home  of the  free ”

An  example  of  true  liberty ?

The chaos that  reigns  over our land

That used  to be this  nation  so grand

Became a  faction we  have  to chase

Hard  as we  may to change or  erase

Whatever  prayers that  need to  be said

Do say  them now  before we  are dead !


THE RECIPE OF WAR ( 2018 ) 2018/12/07

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There was a war long time ago

In places that we did not know

So many years now in our past

Proof of length that memories last.

Both young and old were forced to fight

Across the globe or out of sight

A war that simply parried on

Left none untouched here or beyond.

Now I am old but can recall

Those shadows cast upon my wall

With forgotten names that I’d known

Redemptions’ chance all but unknown.

Oh, someone should research this tale

Ere soon we shall completely fail !





OCCUPATION ( 2018 ) 2018/01/29

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Who hears the sound of running feet

Our world reverberates defeat

While strangers view the failing trend

When will this anger ever end ?

How tired have we all become

With vision clear to only some ?

My passion washes down the drain

Promising no, not e’er again

The silence closes in once more

Too soon our Lord may bar the door !


HAVEN’T A CLUE ( 2017 ) 2017/11/09

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Sometimes it’s hard to believe God sees

All the troubled souls upon their knees

Like those broken children still confined

To a system that’s both deaf  and blind

And the hungry masses on the road

Have no one there to lighten the load.

Their dreams of glory shrivel and die

As the rest of the world passes by

While you and I don’t know what to do

Please help us Lord, we haven’t a clue !


2016 ( 2017 ) 2017/01/01

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As this old year draws slowly to its close

Unlike the phoenix which from ashes rose

May pass without a hint of shadow kind

To leave its taste of bitterness behind !



WITHOUT A DREAM ( 2015 ) 2015/02/05

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Why is this world so very blind

So anger filled and too unkind

A study that is worst of all

With joy when evil does befall ?

Is this the manner of our fate

And why our lives remain ingrate

Denied our human dignity

And bathed in man’s iniquity ?

What kind of life is left to us

Where God is deemed inglorious

How shallow is the purpose seen

It leaves this world without a dream !




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