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WORDS OF LOVE ( 2018 ) 2018/01/13

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Across the miles of earth and sky

The days of man are flashing by

How long before this age has passed

And we receive its final  blast ?

Seems there’s no voice now reaching out

Explaining what it’s all about

We need a word, some sort of sign

Assuring us there still is time

A book of rules, instructions too

From experts on what we must do

To cover each iota of

God’s wisdom and His words of love !


ONE MOTHER ( 2016 ) 2016/11/15

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I think that I would rather be

An angel on the Christmas tree

All sparkling in its angel dust

Shining so bright as stardust must,

Or eagle from her aerie nest

Judging behavior of the best

Perhaps a swan upon the lake

Whose paddling does not water break

While even hens upon a clutch

Will warn you loudly, do not touch

I’m just a mother trying hard

To teach her children follow God !


LAST RESORT ( 2015 ) 2015/02/07

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When I was small I was not tall

In school I placed the third of all

We had to stand up every day

Beside our desks to pledge and pray !

That’s how our schoolday would begin

“Stand up erect and do not grin”,

We wrote in ink with nib and pen

And studied with our texts open !

We raised our hands to speak out loud

There was no chaos in that crowd

For discipline was number one

We studied hard and still had fun !

I miss the ways we used to learn

Each grade we got, we truly earned

While now the grades have no import

They’re given as a last resort !



MY H. S. GYM TEACHER 1945 ( 2014 ) 2014/12/05

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“Stand tall girls, girls stand tall” said she

This figure in my memory

All clad in jumper black with white

Her nasal tone would give a fright !

Gym teachers wore no curly hair

There was no inspiration there

Her glasses sat upon her nose

Her hands on waist her normal pose.

She was a figure much intense

She taught us well, in her defense

For all these years she does remain

This voice that echoes in my brain

Before I walk out my front door

“Stand tall girl” is my last encore !

………to Mrs. Schmidt, D.H.S.


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