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THE BLESSING ( 2019 ) 2019/12/06

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Oh  for the  days when dreams  were new

And growing  up  seemed  over due

When  children’s  laughs were full of  glee

And  love was  still a  mystery.

The  Lord  Himself  is always there

He  heals  our wounds  and  hears our prayer

Bless  God for  all the  gifts  He gives

And  all  the sins which  He  forgives !


DATELINE: HOBOKEN, N.J.,USA (2017 ) REPLAY 2017/05/10

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EXCUSE ME but Pinot Grigio and I shall have to postpone our nightly reunion for a few days as I am once again reluctantly detained on 4 North, guest at my favorite Hoboken University Medical Center A/K/A St. Mary’s ! And there I was, full of self congratulatory expressions that I had made it to Mother’s Day without having a stroke in 2017 !  Hence I’m writing to you from my bed in # 418, minus my wonderful view of the Park and the grounds of Our Lady of Grace to the north, as I am on the opposite side of this wing !  After MRIs, Cathscan, Ultrasound, et cetera, I have a positive attitude that I shall once again return to Rehab, hahaha !  Guess that my actual certificate of Graduation in 2016 ( on parchment ) is no longer valid ?  The face of Hoboken certainly has changed these last few years, wonder what Frank would think of his hometown today ?  Looking forward to posting this ASAP and marveling at the expediency of Wi-Fi .  We all need to take a deep breath and another look to understand and appreciate the wonder of this new world in which we exist, and thank our Lord for His love and tolerance of our human faults. Amen ! Sincerely,    Claire B.



REPAIR ( 2016 ) 2016/11/17

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My heart is torn and needs repair

Where e’er I look I sight despair

Oh gracious Lord, please bring us peace

And from this pain grant our release !


VICIOUS WAR ( 2016 ) 2016/03/13

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We see remains of vicious war

And wonder what it all was for

The broken bodies, missing parts

With active minds and aching hearts.

How will we reach the end of this

It won’t be cured with just a kiss

The work entailed is mass indeed

This task demands the utmost speed.

We can’t permit this fear to grow

It’s time solutions start to show

Get off your perch and pull up tall

Or we shall never stand at all!


NEW START ( 2014 ) 2015/01/01

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I think we’ve had a damaged start

And wish so hard with all my heart

That time may heal all of the pain

Let’s start anew and try again !


DATELINE: HOBOKEN, NJ, USA “A NEW WAVE” ( 2013 ) 2013/09/15

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The older we get, the more precious the memories, do you agree ?  Those terrible  years of the Great depression followed by the worldwide destruction of war will forever bring tears to my eyes and a longing in my heart that knows no consolation !  The cost was too high, the loss too great.  It engendered a new wave in poetry and literature, Plath, Pound, Masefield, Yeats, Steinbeck, Houseman.  I’ve chosen to quote John Masefield.  You’ve read about the English teacher who opened my mind and eyes, Lorena Fry, she worked in this country most of her adult life, was born and educated in England and returned home each summer and upon  her retirement moved there permanently.  Her family home abutted  that of Masefield and according to her they were good friends  ( I often thought she loved him, my girlish  musings !  Woodstock ? ).  I am sorry that she never knew how she broadened my life !  This is from “Tewkesbury Road” :    “O, to feel the beat of the rain, and the homely smell of the earth,  Is a tune for the blood to jig to, a joy past power of words;  And the blessed green comely meadows are all a ripple with mirth  At the noise of the lambs at play and the dear wild cry of the birds”.       

                                                                                                                                John Masefield                  Please read this poetic genius and his words and dream !                                                                      

             Sincerely,                                             Claire B.


WE BELIEVE ( 2013 ) 2013/08/05

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There’s a sound that wakes in the early dawn

With a still that breaks into coming morn

And promises us one complete new day

To carry our cares and sadness away

Soon we begin again to hope once more

That we may chance upon life’s second door

A beautiful thought and wonderful dream

Believe it fits in the ultimate scheme !


CONCLUSION ( 2013 ) 2013/04/28


Fearful and crushed are those saddened lives

Whose trembling hope pale agony survives

While those I know I cannot change or cure

Must forge their path along some way secure.

I find my life’s been challenged by the lights

And winnowed by the shades of shallow nights

Nights spent alone there wrapt in reverie

Midst lights of wisdom, shades of destiny.

Regarding this I pray my faith’s been sealed

Since many a lost promise has been healed.

While I may grasp this chance of happiness

And conquer all the woes which bar success

I find myself adrift upon a sea

Of senseless waste and hapless energy.


I’m weary of the endless battle now

I long for rest to garner strength somehow

And pray that God will shelter me once more

Ere I shall haste to latch one final door.


SUNRISE ( 1964 ) 2013/04/18

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Gladly, this new day rises with a lemon-colored sun,

Spreading its fan with fingers of light, their journey begun

The early dawn painting water colors across the sky,

Running rampant in a kaleidoscope mornings apply.

Buds tumbling o’er each other in a circus of display

Assailing the senses with sights and sounds in bold array.

A blessing to have left behind the dark sadness of night,

Too full, with all its gloom pervading length and depth and height.

And life’s cycle begins again, its merry youth slender,

So clear and clean, healing breath, new hopes and dreams engender.


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