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FEELINGS ( 2019 ) 2019/05/01

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This is my home, my place of birth

The dearest spot to me on earth

Because it’s where my life did start,

I learned to love and use my heart.

For every moment of each day

When I was taught to speak and pray

This is the place I shall recall

That still remains the best of all.

A gentle touch, a tender hug

A handshake or a kindly tug

Are ways we show how much we care

And promise always to be there !


TAPS ( 2016 ) 2016/05/30

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My heart is wild, I know the tune

I hear the sound midnight or noon

It echoes sadly aft we start

Before life ends or lives must part !


WORDS, WORDS ( 2016 ) 2016/05/26

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The thoughts they rise quick from the heart

So like a stream of stop and start

There is no way there is control

As words just start to roll and roll

Quite like the breeze or winds that blow

To keep recording with the flow

While from the mind this message send

T’would be alright if it should end !


MY GRANDCHILD ( 2014 ) 2014/10/17

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You’ve been my love since you were small

I’ve watched you grow to be quite tall

I’ve followed all your childhood dreams

Though some were silly now it seems.

But as you grew along the way

You didn’t hesitate to say

The thoughts you held close to your heart

I sensed that you were kind and smart.

The time has proved I was not wrong

You’ve turned out good and wise and strong

How glad am I that you and me

Are part of the same family !


I REMEMBER ATHENS ( 1972 ) 2014/10/05

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I left my heart high upon an ancient hill

Oerlooking wide and glist’ning portals of the past

Envisioned splendor though dead yet lingers still

As dreams that fade and hopes that could not last


There azure waves danced mildly on a white and sandy shore

Where echoes of a memory long to be heard forevermore !



Then as I gazed upon those fortresses of old

I trembled with the glory that once had been

Both proud and grand whilst steeped in purpose bold

Sad victim of time’s ravages then unforeseen


There scented breeze played softly through her waning twilight hours

Where shadows of desire lie dormant midst the fading flowers !


PLEASURES ( 2014 ) 2014/01/11

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The rain that falls upon this place

The breeze that blows upon ones face

The leaves that flutter to the ground

The winds that rustle all around

The stars o’erhead that twinkle bright

The clouds that hustle day and night

The seas that play against the shore

The waves that feed the oceans roar

These things that keep our minds awake

Gods gifts that do our pleasures make !


REMNANTS ( 2013 ) 2013/09/16

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Forgotten things you’ve left behind,

Footsteps in sand as days unwind,

A trail of tears that time may find,

The scent of air amidst the pine.


INTROSPECTION ( 1979 ) 2013/05/25

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As I ponder those emotions past with feeling

Unto my thoughts a certain wisdom appealing,

It’s the sentiment I recall though not the love

Which fleeting time did somehow wither lust above,

Wherefore have I been, what lucid thoughts have I held

The pressing loss that truth indeed for lack compelled,

The stress did seem unreal and reason query why,

An ending to my passion, for this need imply.

Our lifespan covers a limited time, ought more,

And wanton waste, the seasons of our life deplore,

There are nought other worlds to conquer in our quest

To seek, enjoy, fulfill and leave behind the rest

Hence, can we not to live content with who we are,

For love as such, may curry favor near or far.


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