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SECURITY ( 2017 ) 2017/09/07

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Oh tiny chick safe in the nest

Your mama knows what is the best

As she secures you all around

While perking up at each new sound

Then darting off to find a feast

To feed her brood before release,

Oh little bird how will you fare

When your mama’s no longer there ?




OBLIGATION ( 2017 ) 2017/01/22

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Isn’t it amazing we are living on the brink

With each and every moment of how we breathe and think

We’ve been taught to earn our keep in the old fashioned way

And we are growing better with what we do each day

The lesson we have learned is that God is always there

While He watches over us and does our burdens share !


SECURE ( 2016 ) 2016/10/06

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There are no cares I wish to share

My thoughts this day seem quite threadbare

I’m feeling worn this early morn

A bit unsteady and forlorn

Perhaps today I need more sleep

I’ve obligations I must keep.

I know that I’ve too much to do

Sometimes I never think it through

I try so hard to give my best

And fear that I won’t pass the test

One can’t lose heart of that I’m sure

But with God’s help we’ll be secure !



INFINITY ( 2016 ) 2016/02/06

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The madness of this world we see

Leads us close to infinity

Could be that war is imminent

This is the thing we must prevent.

Let’s pray to find another way

Not black or white but shades of gray

There needs to be a middle road

Some method used to share the load.

It’s time for us to stand up tall

Accept the blame before the fall

Learn how to shoulder our fair share

Tis now to show how much we care !


AMERICA UNDER SIEGE ( 2016 ) 2016/01/08

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What’s happened to this place that we so love

This precious land the world is jealous of

One nation under God for all to see

With the true blessings of our liberty.

From the north to south, from the east to west

From the mountains high to the valley’s crest

Over the fields and across the great plains

From the sun drenched sands to the coastal rains.

The need to feel free and be all you can

With a heart strong and a love of the land

A nation so great most dream to come here

Our red, white and blue, let’s stand up and cheer !


DATELINE: HOBOKEN, NJ, USA “DOGGIE-DOO” ( 1984 ) 2014/01/11

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EXCUSE ME, is that your dog poop on my sidewalk ?  Sound familiar ?  Rumor has it that one of our more visible brownstoners arose early one morning recently, wearing cap and woolplaid mackinaw, bearing spade in hand with a determined grin, approached the stoop, ladling animal excreta on same.  I guess that he experienced momentary satisfaction in the act, relieving pentup frustrations of the past week.  However one performance does not a cure make.  I recall my own first night, a cold and snowy holiday eve many years ago.  Sometimes I think I’ve never lived anywhere else, so assimilated have I become.  To continue, after a 30 year exile in suburbia, HOBOKEN was a culture shock.  I had a dog, a large dog, oversized and overfed who required a walk !  I grabbed a robe, slipped on scuffs, proceeded down the stairway and out  into the night, dog and all.  Once outside I reflected on the foolishness of my action, good grief, it was 3AM and the local bars were emptying out, all it appeared on my block !  Tightly clutching one fleece robe, sloshing through the snow, I “toughed” it out walking that dog with my heart pounding madly all the while muttering to myself hoping the passersby would think “maybe she’s crazy.  Finally returning to my doorway, dignity challenged but intact, vowing to teach him in the very near future to use paper !  There’s a real need to provide dog walking areas, they do that in European cities out of necessity.  Perhaps someday here !  Excuse me, for the moment I have to buy the Times.                Sincerely,                                                Claire B.                                                                                  PS.  This in memory of Leo Perez, a dear friend and owner of the mackinaw who left us so young.



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EXCUSE ME, but where do I register to vote ?  My first official act upon returning to HOBOKEN in the 70’s was to sign the voting register.  From that day to this I don’t believe that I have missed even the most insignificant election, if such a thing exists !  I have come to the conclusion that in a democracy there is nothing of insignificance about our freedom of choice.  When we originally migrated to Hoboken I was referred to as a “New Yorker”, my knowledge of  New York somewhat limited to Macy’s, the Museum of Natural History, South Street Seaport and Balducci’s !  A friend commented to me the other day “You’re beginning to sound like old Hoboken”.  At last, ACCEPTANCE !  The remark was prompted by my observation that I had not seen a familiar face in a popular eatery the whole evening, I’m not sure that I enjoyed the feeling !  However I concluded I’d been cocooning since the last election, unable to decipher what changes would mean to me.  I was going to miss the Old Guard just when I was beginning to agree with them !  Having spent too many years in suburbia, I had come to expect politics to be a quasi-part-time occupation indulged in by retired CEOs to perk up leisuretime.  How little I knew !  Today I was being replaced by new blood and differing concepts, time to go with the flow.  I still haven’t  quite accepted the fact that Pollyanna has moved on !  Who would believe one could achieve anonymity in a one mile square area where everyone still stoop-sits ?  Progress, as media are crying, “loss of privacy”.  Excuse me but I need to put my name on my doorbell !              Sincerely,               Claire B.


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