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EARLY WINTER ( 2013 ) 2013/10/29

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Winter wind your chill voice calls

I hear the echoes through the halls

They wail and blow and heave and sigh

What will be autumns short reply ?

This season new bursts on the scene

Assuring us much to be gleaned,

Spine tingling cold and freezing rain

Historic storms without restrain.

Undaunted now I cannot wait

As day and night participate

The wind blows wild as snowflakes fall

Soon ice and snow will bury all !


UNCHANGING CYCLES ( 2013 ) 2013/09/21

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A gusty wind has caught my breath

Acknowledging that summers death

Arrived too soon without reserve

Denying us time we deserved

To help prepare for autumns call

And all the chill that comes with fall.

We’ll winter through until the spring

When once again each bird will sing

And bulbs that slept the seasons through

Will waken with their golden hue

To sprout their shoots and pierce the ground

Displaying earths great beauty found.

Persephone may reappear

To bring us summer joy and cheer

Though we must wait appointed days

Ere we will feel those warming rays,

There dwells within the cycles ring

The blessings that Gods care does bring !


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