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TO THOSE WHO CARE ( 2018 ) 2018/12/15

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The wheels of justice do turn round and round

Until the pendulum of life has found

All of the many strengths that each displays

In the intensity of God’s clear gaze.

He is not fooled by acts of ignorance

In order to achieve one’s recompense

Our God who reigns above is wise and fair

Rewarding all who care enough to share !


THE KINDNESS OF GOD ( 2018 ) 2018/09/24

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I’ve often thought how very kind

We are as we keep God in mind

How understading and complete

Our lives will be with joy replete !


SCHEMATIC ( 2015 ) 2015/09/30

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I pray that I have left my doubts behind

Embracing all, accepting what I find

As life does rise and surge and constant wind

Throughout the channels of each fragile mind.



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EXCUSE me but I digress, wouldn’t you ?  I find myself musing among the words of Dr. Holmes, the senior Oliver Wendell of course !  If you have followed my DATELINES, then you will know how taken I am with his writing all these many years.  There is a line he wrote in a letter from Beverly Farms, 7/9/1885, that is exceedingly profound and I would like you to ponder its core meaning !  He ends his self critique with these words:  But the morning dew means little to the withered leaf !  Wow !  He repeats in a letter from same on 7/9/1894 noting that his opinion hasn’t changed.  May I ask you to search out these letters on WIKIPEDIA, nothing like authenticating.  Now what does this have to do with facing one’s own mortality, everything !  In our lives we calmly allow atrophy to overtake parts of our anatomy to stifle the most exciting contributions we are capable of making,  from actions to words !  This includes progeny to thought process, wisdom.  Why did God give us speech ?  Or the capacity to think, plan, dream, hope ?  And not the lions ?  For we are special in His image, not automatons, however we are perceived.  I for one wish to exercise my abilities until the day I bid adieu, knowing all the while that this is what  I was created for.  In Genesis 9:1 instructions to Noah, be fruitful and multiply and replenish the earth.  Amen !          Sincerely,        Claire B.


“And if I should live to be……….That last leaf upon the tree……….In the spring,……….Let them smile, as I do now,…………At the old forsaken bough………..Where I cling”………….( final stanza).    The Last Leaf by Oliver Wendell Holmes


MY TASK ( 2013 ) 2013/09/21

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What job is there that we must do

Before our turn in life is through ?

A gentle thought a kindly word

No anger sought no plea unheard

One simple wish to understand

Be there to lend a helping hand.

Remember that we’re all the same

Except in color, size and name.

But underneath we bleed alike

From head of state to smallest tyke !


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