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TOO GREAT A COST ( 2019 ) 2019/07/23

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Can it  be  I  hear an  alarm

The world we knew has lost its charm

It’s upside down and  turned  around

Looks like we  all are  losing ground

While  terra firma seems so grand

Society  destroys  the  land

We need take care  before we’re lost

Our carelessness  too  great a cost !




JULY 1, 1916 BATTLE OF THE CENTURY ( 2017 ) 2017/02/11

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There was a bridge in the Great War

That both sides had been fighting for

So many died in that one fight

From early morn to darkest night

Tis true that they performed their best

Though in the end all failed that test.

They died there by the River Somme

As back and forth all hell did come

Of Brits alone some price to pay

Fifty-eight thousand fell that day

Now this occured lifetimes ago

And none are left who really know

But tell me please if any can

What does this say about a man ?




A CHOICE ( 2016 ) 2016/11/07

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I wish, I wish I had the words

To tell the crowd how to become

A connosieur of the absurd

Or prophecy of dumb and numb.

This world grows smaller day by day

And madness has now grown a voice

I wish that I could run away

Or help dear God to find a choice !


MOMENTS WASTED ( 2016 ) 2016/01/20

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The joy, sweet joy each morning brings

The sun’s awake and nature sings

I hear the sounds each raindrop shouts

While running down the gutter spouts.

The rush of water splashing by

Inspires the rainbows in the sky

Though early morn seems cold and bleak

It has a voice that needs to speak.

We are alive and truly blessed

Awaiting life at God’s behest

With so much more we’ve yet to taste

There’s not one moment left to waste !


COMMON SENSE ( 2014 ) 2014/10/29

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Oh, Dorothy where are you now

Who’ll till the fields, who’ll milk the cow

Who’ll tend the geese and raise the hen

Did we forget remember when ?

The farmer is a dying breed

Who’ll grow the food and plant the seed

What shall we do to stay alive

How will the rest of us survive ?

The world has lost its common sense

Its main concern is self defense

When all is done we’ll look around

Discovering we’ve run aground !

Dear Lord above what shall we do

The future now seems overdue

I wonder what would Noah think

Of mankind trembling on the brink ?



TIME’S UP ( 2014 ) 2014/06/07

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The time has come, the time has gone

The time is now to voice alarm

Our world has changed make no mistake

No time is left to catch a break.

The days grow short, I fear the count

With each new moon the totals mount.

When will the clock that ticks away

The hours and minutes of each day

Declare that life is just pretend

And moving closer to its end ?

I do not know, I wonder why

Can it be worth another try ?


DECEPTION ( 2013 ) 2013/11/30

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The snake has left its skin behind

In hope that those who watch are blind

To cuckold all before their eyes

And speed their cultures quick demise

All values lost the powers lag

Who will defend the heroes flag ?


TOO SAD ( 2013 ) 2013/09/17

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The world is drowning in distress

I know you’ve heard it’s S. O. S.

Their cries get lost in foolish things

Like selfishness vain glory brings

While on their lips all stained with lies

These wanton ones, Gods will defies

They carry on with true remiss

There seems no way we can dismiss

Horrendous waste that they sustain

Until we’ve learned to trust our brain !


WASTE ( 2013 ) 2013/09/07

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There is so much love and there’s so much hate

It occurs to me that the hour grows late

And the world grows cold in its need of haste

As we ignore how much it’s laying waste

To our hopes, our joys and moderate ways,

With not one thought to the ending of days

We’ll seek answers there in the mystic deep

Because in our dreams even dragons sleep !


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