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GIFTS FROM YOU ( 2018 ) 2018/09/25

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Whatever I am, dear Lord, I know

I owe it to You, You’ve made it so

You are the stars and the skies they’re in

With clouds above at Your every whim.

The rainbows we glimpse with color bright

A moon o’erhead on the starlit night

You are the dreams we are waiting for

The hopes and wishes and plans galore

That do fill our hearts and minds with glee

And create Your world this sight to see.

The birds and trees, the flowers that bloom

Assorted odors filling each room

The snow and rain, the wind as it blew

All of our treasures are gifts from You !







THE ROSE GARDEN ( 2015 ) 2015/09/10

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There is a special place that I do remember well

It’s full of sweet aromas all wonderful to smell

And there among the roses this bit of heaven rests

A garden in life’s jungle of God’s own treasure chests !


UNCHANGING CYCLES ( 2013 ) 2013/09/21

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A gusty wind has caught my breath

Acknowledging that summers death

Arrived too soon without reserve

Denying us time we deserved

To help prepare for autumns call

And all the chill that comes with fall.

We’ll winter through until the spring

When once again each bird will sing

And bulbs that slept the seasons through

Will waken with their golden hue

To sprout their shoots and pierce the ground

Displaying earths great beauty found.

Persephone may reappear

To bring us summer joy and cheer

Though we must wait appointed days

Ere we will feel those warming rays,

There dwells within the cycles ring

The blessings that Gods care does bring !


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