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PERSISTENCE ( 2020 ) 2020/01/02

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How  I wish our love of  Christmas cheer

Could  live through  each day of this  new year

Why  should its joy  come and go away

To  leave all  this space  for our display ?


Let’s  pray that  God has a  plan for all

That  will take  us there  from now  past fall

And  if we’re  lucky as  we can be

Opens  the door to  Eternity !




TO ANSWER PRAYER ( 2019 ) 2019/09/25

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Oh charity,  be kind to me

Please help  me set  my body free

How much  longer  can I persist

What  shall I do  to pain resist ?

At  times  I’m sure there’ll be no  end

More like a life  without a friend

I didn’t think  I’d have to bear

Unending  pain  or deep despair.

I am not angered  or divorced

With all the  issues time’s  enforced

I only know  that  God is there

To ease all  pain and answer  prayer !


PATIENT SILENCE ( 2014 ) 2014/08/30

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There is a stillness in the air

I sense the chill invade my lair

It seeps into each lonely space

Hoping to find a resting place !

The altered times are yet to be

One needs to listen, watch and see

Keep vigilant and wide awake

There are no shortcuts safe to take !

With God’s vast wisdom as our guide

His patient silence at our side

We bide our time in hopeful prayer

Assured the Lord is always there !


MAKING DO ( 2014 ) 2014/06/01

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Oh my soul, I have fear my heart will break

Oft life takes a toll or makes some mistake

There must be a path one will seek to find

To help bring some peace and a calm of mind.

In days to come one must learn how to grow

There are hopes and plans one may need to show

Like a garden unkempt choking in weeds

Needing great care and some water and seeds.

It’s a casual thought beginning now

Importance depends on our learning how

To implement life here along the way

No matter how short or long is the stay !


PERSEVERE ( 2013 ) 2013/10/19

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I wonder now if I was ever meant

To find lifes happiness and be content

Somehow the stars on high lost sight of me

Neglecting to secure my destiny.

While on my own I tried and failed alas

Each way I turned I met a wall of glass

I never gave up trying though I knew

It was so hard no matter what I’d do, 

Until I found the Master of my fate

Who taught me that it never is too late.




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