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POST-SCRIPT ( 2014 ) 2014/08/04

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Oh Lord above, You are so grand

Assign an angel if you can

To stay with me and hold my hand

Until I reach forever land !

And if an angel can’t be spared

I hope somehow to be prepared

One thing I’ve learned is how to share

You’ve taught me that Your father’s fair !



PRISONER ( 2014 )

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I see a princess standing there

She seems to be in great despair

What is it that you cannot find,

Oh, have you left your wand behind ?

I note a frown upon your face

Is your tiara out of place,

What is it that is now askew

Is there something that I can do ?

With ruby slippers on your feet

I truly think you are so sweet

Oh princess, may I beg of thee

One sticky kiss to set me free ?




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