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GOD LOVES US ALL ( 2020 ) 2020/03/16

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There  was a  street  that I used  to know

When  I was a girl so  long  ago

With an old house that had  three large floors

Lots of windows  and  quite a few  doors.

Dozens of  roses,  black  iron torch

Both  back yard  and front,  plus a great porch

Tomatoes,  peppers,  carnations  too

A home  full of love  much overdue

As  I’ve  wandered down  memory’s  lane

Couldn’t  help singing  a  glad refrain

Reminding  myself  God loves us all

Whether  we’re  skinny,  fat,  short or tall !


OUR GOOD FRIEND ( 2019 ) 2019/07/28

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Seems life has been a timeless one

So full of gladness, joy and fun

Along the way there’s been some pain

T’was part of lifetime’s  growth and gain

Oft I’ve  wondered  what it’s about

If I should laugh or cry or shout

It is a choice that we’ve all made

With circumstance let’s pray won’t fade

Now here we are at this road’s end

At last with God who’s our good friend !


THE SEARCH ( 2019 ) 2019/04/02

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There was a road that we once saw

What was it we were searching for

God’s  invitation on our door

To help us find  oh, so much more !


SET US FREE ( 2017 ) 2017/05/24

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The shifting sands of life do blow

Across our vision wide and slow

And changes all the views we see

As we seek out God’s harmony.

The winds of time have come and gone

And left our dreams both pale and wan

Escape, escape, that cannot be

For none but death shall set us free !




GOD’S FRONT DOOR ( 2017 ) 2017/02/27

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My heart has wandered ever long

To find out where it does belong

I’ve followed every path I knew

To search for love and comfort too

Alas I found no haven there

Just emptiness and sad despair.

I guess I’ll have to try again

My problem is I don’t know when

Perhaps tomorrow I’ll have luck

The trouble is I think I’m stuck

Between a rock and some hard place

Dear Lord, help me my fears to face.

So let’s not waste a minute more

It’s time to knock on God’s front door !





PATIENT SILENCE ( 2014 ) 2014/08/30

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There is a stillness in the air

I sense the chill invade my lair

It seeps into each lonely space

Hoping to find a resting place !

The altered times are yet to be

One needs to listen, watch and see

Keep vigilant and wide awake

There are no shortcuts safe to take !

With God’s vast wisdom as our guide

His patient silence at our side

We bide our time in hopeful prayer

Assured the Lord is always there !


MY WINDOW LEDGE ( 2014 ) 2014/05/03

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My building reaches for the sky

My windows are an outdoor spy

I’ve never gone up on the roof

It seems too high and quite aloof.

Still I can join the world outside

Without the haste to duck and hide

My neighbors are the birds that sit

Upon the window’s ledge and flit.

They chatter and communicate

Oh such joy if I could translate

But since this wish can never be

I’ll settle for the sights I see !


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