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IN UNISON ( 2019 ) 2019/06/17

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My hearing has become acute

I hear a flutter on the roof

It sounds like angel wings to me

Accompanied  by symphony

Oh ecstasy, how my heart sings

In unison with angels wings !


NOT READY FOR GOODBYE ( 2018 ) 2018/11/15

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I feel the chill that’s in the air

The trees outside are stark and bare

There’s ne’er a plant that shall survive

Too cold last night to stay alive.

When morning calls what will we see

God’s version of tenacity,

A world reviving from cold’s blast

Whose entity doth last and last.

Through warm or cold and wet or dry

God’s plans’ not ready for goodbye

So loosen up, get on the track

It’s time to take His wisdom back !


FULL OF JOY ( 2016 ) 2016/03/27

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When I grew up life was so hard

There were no swing sets in the yard

And baby sitters were unknown

Your parents left you home alone

There were no bathrooms in the house

You took the path to an outhouse.

We never minded that at all

Although at times I thought I’d fall

Into that abyss in the ground

Without a hope of being found

That’s how I learned to be so brave

Like all the candles I still save.

Yet life was real and full of hope

One didn’t in the darkness grope,

It made us strong and very wise

Our world was full of great surprise.

God gave us will to make a choice

To use our hands and heart and voice.

The stoves were big and black and bold

And kept us warm through winter cold

Each family had an icebox

No TV but a small voice-box

We cherished it, both girl and boy

Those days of old were full of joy !



TRUE TEARS ( 2014 ) 2014/08/25

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In time teardrops blend with the rain

Flushing emotions down life’s drain

So much alike they shall remain !

Those raindrops falling from the sky

God’s cleansing force here rushing by

This separation won’t defy !

Thus tears and rain can sisters be

And blend together silently

While each retains identity !

True tears much softer surely are

Engendering those near and far

To welcome wind and greet each star !


SEASONS ( 2013 ) 2013/12/22

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My heart sings out, it is full of cheer

I can’t believe old winter is here

How the chilly night invades the room

As the darkened sky reflects the gloom.

I remember all those days of gold

That prefaced our lives before the cold,

While the winds that steal our breath away

Seem so intent to shorten our day.

How much longer will we need to wait

Till the sun enters the garden gate ?

I’m fond of fall, the summer is fine

Spring is the reason our world will shine !


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