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UNCLOTHED ( 2014 ) 2014/08/11

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The cards we’re dealt may often be

A symbol of adversity

Into this world I came unclothed

My exit should be just as bold !

I cried aloud to be myself

But lingered long upon the shelf

Truly I am depression’s child

Who’s taught to think and act worthwhile !

I saw the pain and wriggled free

But failed to find my destiny !



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The air is sweet the birds are free

To sing their song, God’s symphony

The leaves that rustle in the trees

Play melodies upon the breeze !

The crickets in the bush keep time

While buzzing insects hum a rhyme

Now if it rains the pitter-pat

Of falling drops could be B flat !

Such marvels that our God will bring

It seems He thinks of everything !



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