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WHAT WE’VE SEEN ( 2019 ) 2019/11/24

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Without  a word,  where would we be

If   this world  found it’s  harmony,

Ten  thousand years  seems time enough

To  figure out  the  going’s  rough.

I’ll  never  understand  the why

The  choice  is not  to live  or die,

But  can we hope or  chance to  dream

That  life holds  more than  what we’ve seen !


PRAISE GOD THE KING ( 2017 ) 2017/10/16

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It doesn’t make much sense to me

To claim some bogus victory

Or just pretend that who you are

Is so important by much far

Who cares if one’s the simpler sort

If complications count for nought.

I’d rather be a bird on wing

Who joins his species in birdsing

Than stand upon a mighty stage

With those who are the latest rage.

They curry favor all life long

By singing out song after song,

Instead of praising God the King

Who has created everything !




SIMPLE THINGS ( 2015 ) 2015/12/26

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Oh help me Lord, show me the way

To keep my aim on faith each day

I need to know that You are there

To save me from life’s dark despair.

Sometimes I’m lost and feeling low

Confused about where I should go

But I have hope that I can’t lose

My trust in You whate’er I chose !



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