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REBUKE ( 2020 ) 2020/06/16

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There  is  a  sound  that  I  can  hear

It  seems  to  whisper  in  the  ear

Is  it  the  wind  that  steals  about

With  soft  whispers  and  ne’er  a  shout  ?

What  must  I  do  to  make  it  clear

That  God’s  rebuke  is  all I  fear  ?


ONE MOTHER ( 2016 ) 2016/11/15

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I think that I would rather be

An angel on the Christmas tree

All sparkling in its angel dust

Shining so bright as stardust must,

Or eagle from her aerie nest

Judging behavior of the best

Perhaps a swan upon the lake

Whose paddling does not water break

While even hens upon a clutch

Will warn you loudly, do not touch

I’m just a mother trying hard

To teach her children follow God !


THE COST ( 2015 ) 2015/12/13

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The serpent slithers on the ground

And waits in crevises around

Sometimes he slips his skin aside

To cloak his strike or presence hide.

Oh evil spirit, this we know

Who spoke to Eve so long ago

For it was he inspired the pair

To disregard God’s warning there.

And thus man’s paradise was lost

There is no way to count the cost !


APPLAUSE ( 2015 ) 2015/09/17

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Each morning as my body stirs

My mind awakes, my heart concurs

And here I lie, incumbent still

I’m loathe to rise, I’ve lost my will.

My bed is warm and soft and safe

Protected from the phantom wraith

For God alone is my true cause

And nought but He earns my applause.

The time draws near when we must meet

And I will cower at His feet !


THE FINAL CALL ( 2015 ) 2015/09/16

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Now Lot was a good kind ambitious man

The nephew of our father Abraham

He chose life in the valley of Jordan

Among the hills within the rivers run.

While there midst all those noxious Sodomites

Lot made his choice to live his days and nights

God sent His angels with a message and

Bade him escape the evil of that land.

Lot’s wife, poor thing, would oh so foolish be

Turning, for the last she would ever see,

The lesson is the Lord does speak to all

Please listen close to hear His final call !



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EXCUSE ME, here I am in my ageing wheelchair, at my really old kitchen farm table, 38″ x 26″, circa 1900, with its aproned multi-turned vintage legs and truly discreet 1+” rollers on a beautiful Sunday morning having my usual breakfast of juice, black coffee in an ironstone mug, half a sliced banana and exactly 10 mini wheat squares with fat-free half & half !  Precise, right ?  It’s early AM, this room has 8 solarfilmed windows, each 3′ x 6′, all covered by beige old fashioned lace curtains.  With windows all open, the curtains rising and fluttering in the breeze, I can hear the church bells in the distance, there are 4 churches within a 2 block radius of my current residence.  It’s like a symphony in carillon !  Waves of nostalgia wash over me and I am transported to a place almost 80 years ago in the past !  All this time yet that destination is not a mile away from here nor a minute away from my dearest memories !  This is about one of those cardboard signs my nana had in a streetside window, CURTAINS STRETCHED, 25 cents a pair.  My grandpop was an ironworker ( Fagan, Tietjen & Lang, Federal, Todd and Bethlehem Steel ) and he made her an adjustable curtain stretcher which my agile childsized fingers could manipulate with the help of a small stepstool, also homemade !  My job after school was to take that agate pan full of starchwater and soaking lace, layering on as many panels at a time to dry in the afternoon sun !  As my nana would say, “idle hands do the devil’s work”.  Haha, I don’t think he ever had a chance with me !  How about you ?  By the way, that half-banana is low on my fav list but high in potassium, or is that an old wives tale ?             Sincerely,                        Claire B.


I SAID A PRAYER ( 2014 ) 2014/12/10

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I said a prayer the other day

Help me to find a better way

To love my God and do His work

This is my wish I will not shirk,

That I must always humble be

If God should deign to walk with me.

Make truth and peace the goals I seek

In manner mild both kind and meek

I thank the Lord for all these gifts

This joyous heart His spirit lifts !


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