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FAVORS ASK ( 2020 ) 2020/06/23

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Lord  help  us  to  remember  this

That  life  is  not  a  hit  or  miss

Its  purpose  has  been  clearly  known

And  pathways  have  been  rightly  shown.

The  way  ahead  may  seem  obscure

We  need  to know  that  road’s  secure

Before  we  take  our  dreams  to  task

And  of  our  God  all  favors  ask  !


ASPIRATIONS ( 2020 ) 2020/01/11

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Now  I’ve loved God  my whole life through

Without  my faith what  would I do ?

The  sum of all the good  one does

And   past visions of what once was

Are  the reasons to  carry on

When  it appears  all hope is gone

Let’s  take a chance  with  one last try

Before time  fades into  goodbye !


SALVATION ( 2019 ) 2019/08/05

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For all  I am or pray to be

Or all that I  shall  ever see

Of life revolving around me

Please save me from  infinity !



ALL OUR DREAMS ( 2019 ) 2019/07/24

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Now you and I have been around

Among these feelings we have found

Though they are not of wide import

Somehow we’ve managed to have caught

This glow that captures happiness

And triumphs love o’er great success

For life is more than what it seems

It’s smiles and hopes and all our dreams !






AIR, EARTH AND SKY ( 2019 ) 2019/06/29

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A little bird whispered to me

The  secret  of  eternity

Have faith in God and trust His word

It is the best that all have heard.

We cannot doubt, we must believe

Have hope in Him, we shall achieve

Each has a goal, no two alike

From aged man to little tyke.

Like every flower that will bloom

With varied scent to fill each room

Or all the wings that fly on high

To reach our Lord in distant sky !



FIRST LOVE IS FOREVER ( 2019 ) 2019/05/17

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There is a tale I wish to share

Bout teenaged feelings, love and care

There was a girl of but fifteen

He was a boy of just eighteen

Each Sunday sharing the church pew

Who can decide what each one knew ?


What was it they were thinking of

Because quite soon it looked like love

Though young and silly girls may be

Assured were both she cared for he

He was a lad, handsome and tall

In every way, he seemed her all.


On Sunday morn, dad passed the plate

She taught a class, they walked home late

Along the Boulevard they’d chat

They walked and talked of this and that

Soon the young man was her best friend

Perhaps with each their lives they’d spend.


Now at this time the world was sick

Young men fought wars in battles thick

That was the year her daddy died

When she felt so alone inside

So many issues war creates

Among those most when faith abates.


How could they know before that day

The war would filch their love away

Of all events that I have seen

And all the places I have been

Too precious now those days bygone

That their first love was based upon.


So sad the pain that war does bring

As all their dreams took flight and wing

Thus never to return that way

Not then or any other day

Too bad this story has no end

No memory nor any friend !





THE SEARCH ( 2019 ) 2019/04/02

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There was a road that we once saw

What was it we were searching for

God’s  invitation on our door

To help us find  oh, so much more !


SHARED BY ONE AND ALL ( 2019 ) 2019/02/11

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Oh where am I, what do I see

This place precedes eternity

That’s full of tears and many sighs

Of past romance and sad goodbyes ?

The journey long that each must make

Full of surprise and glad mistake

Who knows what comes to light at last

After each one’s lifespan has passed ?

We hope and dream and wish for more

As we have never dared before

Since life is not a chance recall

The end is shared by one and all !




BY WAKING TIME ( 2019 ) 2019/02/06

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Oh sandman, sandman what shall we see

In tonight’s sleepy time fantasy

While each evening I prepare for bed

I pray I’ll have pleasant dreams ahead

If  I’m honest I cannot recall

Any of my dreams of old  at all

They seemed to disappear ere came dawn

And by waking time they were all gone !


TOUCH THE SKY ( 2018 ) 2018/09/22

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Oh hallelujah, jump for joy

Because we must our faith employ

To keep us on the proper track

And help us get our mojo back.

Believe in truth it paves the way

To richer, finer, better days

Stand up and let your banners fly

You may reach out and toucn the sky !


UNBEARABLE ( 2018 ) 2018/08/06

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There is a scale outweighs most life

That bends with happiness or strife

There is a moment time waits for

A prayer that’s said for one adored.

To live the truth and do your best

This basic hope bides with the rest

Tis now the end draws clearly near

And finds us captive to its fear,

Too soon each dream just fades away

How shall we bear our one last day ?


DREAMS ASTRAY ( 2017 ) 2017/07/30

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The morning dew is like a mist

That patient waits for sunlight’s kiss

Then disappears into the air

As if none saw that it were there.

The quiet calm of early dawn

Too soon becomes another morn

There join the world in disarray

And carry all our dreams astray !



PROMISED LAND ( 2017 ) 2017/01/02

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My heart is true, my mind is fair

I know God’s love is ours to share

With simple tasks and friendly deeds

Kindness fulfills all of our needs.

The way is clear and straight ahead

His road to Paradise instead

Awaits us all who patient stand

In line to reach His promised land !


TIME TO SUCCEED ( 2015 ) 2015/05/15

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Oh how I wish that I could be

A riv’let running to the sea

That constant trickles down the drain

The remnants of the night time rain.

A drip, drip, drip upon the wall

Now gathers fast at evenfall

And makes its downward way complete

Runoffs from gully, stream and street.

The volume growing as it flows

Cross valleys, fields and tall hedgerows

Until at last its task is done

And we have breached the river’s run !


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