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BLESSED GOODBYE ( 2017 ) 2017/08/25

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My heart still bides upon a hill

I’ve never seen nor ever will

My life depends upon each word

Twas spoken that I’ve never heard.

All of my days shall ever be

Based on a man whom I shan’t see

I trust that every single word

Plus all of those I haven’t heard

Twill live with me until I die

Bidding to all blessed goodbye !



WISHING ( 2016 ) 2017/01/31

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I’ve dreamt about that garden where sweet Jesus took His last walk

And wished how I could have been there to witness His farewell talk !


THAT LAST DAY ( 2015 ) 2015/10/06

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A man stood by the lintel on that historic day

I’m sure that he was sorry he chose to pass that way

And there among the soldiers with rabble gathered round

A man collapsed on the path and hit the stony ground.

On his head he suffered a mock crown made of thorn

His body bore the scourges, his garment wet and torn

The stranger he came forward to give this man relief

He helped him drag his burden just like a common thief.

The stranger’s name was Simon from Cyrene he had come

Who guessed we’d know his name for two thousand years and some,

His courage and his kindness played well on that last day

While our Lord Jesus died in that place so faraway !


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