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WE MUST BELIEVE ( 2019 ) 2019/09/01

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We must  believe that nature’s force

Will have its way and  run its course

For we are  victims of each storm

But who knows where or in what form ?

I’d like to think  the world is round

With changing  seasons that abound

Midst mountains  that are peaked in snow

And hills that meet  with fields below

With every type of  plant and leaf

To pique  our brain and  find relief.

There is one God,  He is Supreme

And is  the answer  to each scheme

No matter  what our  nature brings

God’s the  reason our  earth still sings !




HIS BUGLES CALL ( 2018 ) 2018/06/22

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” I am a man beyond reproach

And proud to say God is my coach “.

Perhaps these words were said aloud

To Pharoah and his hostile crowd

When Moses stood before the throne

And pled the case for the Lord’s own,

His people and all they possessed

Escaped into the wilderness.

While we who now observe these days

Hold fast remembering God’s ways

The Lord protects us one and all

Until that day His bugles call !



FIRST SURPRISE ( 2018 ) 2018/05/22

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Long time ago, another day

In a distant land far away

The sun rose brightly in the east

And shone upon a bridal feast.


That place was Cana we now know

Where Mary and her son did go

There marriage was a sacred thing

With feasting, vows and wedding ring.


Whole families and friends all went

To celebrate each huge event

But too soon all the wine ran dry

Before the party bid goodbye

When Jesus did that first surprise

It sure did open all their  eyes !



HIS PROMISE ( 2018 ) 2018/04/03

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We are a generation praying peace will come

Meant for God’s entire world not only but for some

We are here dreaming miracles will light our way

With the arrival of each bright and newer day !


DIVINITY ( 2018 ) 2018/01/22

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I’ve heard the stories told by men

Of events took place way back when

Catastrophes of world wide note

About which men of science wrote

Sagas of danger we have heard

Chock full of facts in every word.

They spin tales of this our Lord’s  earth

In detail and for all its worth

Assured that God creates it all

Through summer, winter, spring or fall

I find in this no mystery

Just part of His Divinity !




HAVE FAITH MY CHILD ( 2016 ) 2016/07/19

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Oh little child where have you been

Are you now dreaming of the wind

And wondering just where it goes

Beyond your fingers and your toes

On this wild journey way up high

To meet its brothers in the sky ?

Is there some way for you to glide

Upon its currents for a ride

Perhaps to see the world below

God’s miracle of tell and show ?


MIRACLES ( 2016 ) 2016/05/03

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I sure do wish that I were free

To dive into the deepest sea

And join the creatures biding there

To splash around with extra care.

I’d find myself surrounded by

Many sea creatures where they lie

All types of mollusk, clam and shell

What kind of stories do they tell ?

Like worms and eels and sponges too

Their skeletons are strange to view

While beds of coral by the mile,

Enchanted visions bring a smile.

So many fish, all species known

A varied catch with much unshown

Oh how I wish that I could be

Another mermaid in the sea.

What special plan was in God’s mind

As men of earth did treasure find

In His vast world, deep water hid

Great miracles that our God did !


MY CHOICE ( 2016 ) 2016/04/27

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Now once upon a time ago

Before my age began to show

There was a thought had crossed my mind

Of all the treasures one might find

God saved for us a special place

And kindly heart so full of grace.

I’ve known my fill of dreams and things

I do not fly and have no wings

My God’s been good, He heard my voice

And with His love approved my choice !


AMAZING ( 2015 ) 2015/05/21

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The Christmas stars are in the sky

They last from August through July

They twinkle bright and travel round

Their numbers grow and do abound

I find my curiousity

Increases with all that I see.

If only I were oh so smart

Instead of thinking with my heart

Perhaps I could then understand

How this old world was built so grand !


GLAD TO SHARE ( 2014 ) 2014/11/18

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I’m sure I heard an angel voice

Reminding me I had no choice

That soon their choir needed me

To join in this epiphany !

I know that it’s a magic time

Rewarding us with joy sublime

Inviting all to hum along

Part of the chorus of His song !

I wish my voice was not so old

And that my hopes have not grown cold

In spite of this I’m glad to share

Our God’s sweet love and gentle care !


A GREAT SURPRISE ! ( 2013 ) 2013/10/01

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I’m thankful that each time I rise

This world of mine exudes surprise

Or should I make my way to sleep

The grandeur shown is mine to keep.

I’m grateful that I have this choice

And eagerness to lift my voice,

Skies overhead will shimmer bright

While clouds may hide the eye of night.

The sun and moon remain the same

The nighttime stars retain their name

The breezes sing and wave and call

The seas about us rise and fall.

The oceans all will ebb and flow

The winters winds will rage and blow

Magnificence one cannot buy

God rules our earth and air and sky !


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