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LITANY ( 2020 ) 2020/01/15

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A  tiny bit of heaven grows

In  secret places no one knows

Sometimes  a corner near a hedge

Or closeby at the garden’s edge

Under  a pine tree  by the fence

With smell of violets intense.

Around  a tree stump you can see

Peat  moss plays host to wild daisy

The  dandelions tramp all about

While peonies  their color flout,

Oh  such a sight for all to see

And  witness as God’s litany !








GOD’S DIVERSITY ( 2019 ) 2019/12/13

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The  snow is drifting  to  the  ground

Its  destinations to be  found

The  air’s  so fresh and wet to  touch

Creating  visions,  scenes  and such

The snow is  drifting  into  piles

Where  e’er  you turn,  the world still  smiles

Oh  what a joy that  all  may see

God’s  generous  diversity  !


LOOK UP, LOOK UP ( 2019 ) 2019/08/25

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The sky is full of  bits of cloud

With some that  fairly shout aloud

They gather with each wind that blows

In shapes both  recognized or posed.

So like  an army  on the move

That does its best to heav’n improve

And  paints us  pictures way up high

To keep  us focused  on God’s sky !




SPINNING OUT ( 2017 ) 2017/03/15

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I’m peering through a veil of white

That is this early morning’s sight

Watching the snowflakes filter down

In pirouettes close to the ground

They flutter, dance and swirl about

Their silent beauty spinning out !



STARGAZER ( 2016 ) 2016/10/01

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I feel a chill, it fills the air

The sun’s asleep I know not where

Today’s the day of our black moon

I truly hope it shows up soon.

Oh how much I desire to see

Celestial sights with clarity

Since there’s no shining moon tonight

God’s skies o’erhead twill be e’er bright !



IT’S NOT TIME YET ( 2015 ) 2015/03/05

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Fantastic visions fill my head

As I lie here upon my bed

I feel as though I’m in between

The space that lives twixt wake and dream.

My visions are so truly clear

What e’er I see seems strangely near

My heart pales, I can’t catch my breath

What is it like so close to death ?

A simple sound defiles the air

And stills the gloom, be gone despair

I’ve things to do I can’t forget

This is too soon it’s not time yet !


IT’S EVERYWHERE ( 2014 ) 2014/11/19

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There’s so much left for us to see

God’s awesome world and majesty

That it would take a thousand years

To see the sights and fill our ears.

With miracles to smell and feel

Both those hidden and those revealed

From alpine heights to desert sand

Please let me take you by the hand !

The hills that rest beside the sea

The valleys wild and rivers free

Vistas that will amaze your sight

And skies that come alive at night,

These are the gifts which we all share

Everyday beauty, it’s everywhere !



I REMEMBER ATHENS ( 1972 ) 2014/10/05

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I left my heart high upon an ancient hill

Oerlooking wide and glist’ning portals of the past

Envisioned splendor though dead yet lingers still

As dreams that fade and hopes that could not last


There azure waves danced mildly on a white and sandy shore

Where echoes of a memory long to be heard forevermore !



Then as I gazed upon those fortresses of old

I trembled with the glory that once had been

Both proud and grand whilst steeped in purpose bold

Sad victim of time’s ravages then unforeseen


There scented breeze played softly through her waning twilight hours

Where shadows of desire lie dormant midst the fading flowers !


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