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IT’S NOT TIME YET ( 2015 ) 2015/03/05

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Fantastic visions fill my head

As I lie here upon my bed

I feel as though I’m in between

The space that lives twixt wake and dream.

My visions are so truly clear

What e’er I see seems strangely near

My heart pales, I can’t catch my breath

What is it like so close to death ?

A simple sound defiles the air

And stills the gloom, be gone despair

I’ve things to do I can’t forget

This is too soon it’s not time yet !



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A ballerina is so sweet

She dances on her magic feet

Her art intense her ache endures

For painful feet there are no cures

Perform she must that’s how it goes

It’s what she loves her twinkle toes !

We all owe her great empathy

She pirouettes much to our glee

Her graceful moves part of the dream

The jetes mark her dance supreme !


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