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CHILDHOOD’S DOOR ( 2014 ) 2014/09/26

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The bedtime stories I was told

When I was not so very old

Remain with me these many years

And fill my heart with smiles and tears !

A magic bean that climbed a wall

And saved the princess from a fall

Teutonic knights both brash and brave

Who slayed the serpent in a cave !

The knave of hearts who stole the tarts

Or ogres who have kindly hearts

Come to my mind with varied tales

Like Salome with all her veils !

I’d love to visit just once more

Ere I secure childhood’s last door !



One Response to “CHILDHOOD’S DOOR ( 2014 )”

  1. mark bogdanos Says:

    for Mom,
    those dear ones, who knew them well,
    have not the voice , for them to tell ,
    and so we here , behind locked door,
    will wait until ’tis locked no more
    ’til then again with loved ones near
    to tell those tales we hold so dear
    and so it goes or so it seems
    we are the stuff of hopes and dreams

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