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MY MOTHER’S VOICE ( 2014 ) 2014/09/09

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Oh how I miss each Sunday morn

Sounds echoing since I was born

Those happy tunes or plaintive hymns

From early on till evening dims.

Their voices raised with one accord

The hopeful sing and praise the Lord,

My mother’s voice so sweet and strong

Would sound aloud the whole week long.

She loved to sing each olden tune

About romance, lost love or moon,

I wish I knew if heaven rings

With hymns and songs an angel sings !






HEROINE ( 2014 )

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Once was I thought that I would be

Some heroine in history

One must be brave and noble too

With sacrifice for quite a few !

It took so long to understand

That life’s not always great or grand

And sometimes it just pays to be

A simple sort with piety !

It’s strange the way dreams disappear

To leave us all quite baffled here

How much more fun if we could be

Included in God’s next story !


CAMELOT ? ( 2014 ) 2014/09/08

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Perhaps it is because I’m old

That childhood glows like precious gold

Those days we thought had been forgot

Are part of each one’s Camelot !

Which role we play is our own choice

The option is weep or rejoice

We complicate decisions made

It’s what we do when plans are laid !

For each of us who would go back

What’s done is done we can’t redact

While we retrieve lost memory

There’s nothing that God does not see !




GOD’S SURPRISE ( 2014 ) 2014/09/07

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I thought I was alone last night

The sky was still the moon so bright

A fragile silence filled the air

Almost as though someone were there !

Deep in the shadows of my room

I shivered in the subtle gloom

And whispered softly in my prayers

When all else fails I know God cares !

Now as I close my eyes with ease

To slowly sink upon my knees

I’m not quite sure how I shall rise

But when I do tis God’s surprise!


ADVERSITY ( 2014 ) 2014/09/06

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The mist that rises from the sea

That through the night envelops me

And curries favor with the winds

Consoles me as each day begins !

Tis true I was a child forlorn

Who to adversity was born

But took to courage with a will

To greet the world and ply my skill !

There is no task that is too small

No barrier I find too tall

No kindness lies outside my reach

My love of God’s beyond impeach !




HONESTY ( 2014 ) 2014/09/05

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What is it that men mean to say

Their words keep getting in the way

Feint tongues are stumbling o’er their teeth

Failing to state what’s underneath ?

Much easier to honest be

When will they learn that truth is free ?


DEVOUT ( 2014 )

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I cannot worry what will be

I’m such a tiny entity

This world exists by its own choice

Impervious to my small voice !

I barely keep myself afloat

How can I steer your private boat,

I wish that I possessed the strength

To forge a peace for all at length !

I pray the Lord will kindness show

And point the way that we must go

To conquer anger, fear and doubt

And fill our days with cause devout !





PLAYGROUND ( 2014 ) 2014/09/04

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This foggy veil now drifting down

Into the haze that hugs the ground

With winds that shift without a sound

And misty showers all around,

Light spray obscuring each surround

Midst floating clouds with haloes crowned

These are the sights sure to be found

As we melt into God’s playground !


TOSS THE DICE ( 2014 ) 2014/09/03

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When I was young with vision clear

My heart was bold I knew no fear,

But as I grew the world did change

The clouds above grew dark and strange !

Familiar things assumed new shapes

One’s sense of loss sought out escapes

What happened to the olden ways

Of peace and hope and love and praise ?

Tis soon the time to pay the price

Shall we just pray and toss the dice,

It seems we have no other choice

For who is left to raise a voice ?





LITANY ( 2014 ) 2014/09/02

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How I remember little things

The way the scent of ocean clings

And salt that lingers on one’s lips

Or dreams of trips on sailing ships !

The sound of waves that lash the shore

They whisper you’ve been here before

Days of great joy they can’t return

Their memories shall ever burn !

A heart that’s full with treasure sings

Amidst the pleasure laughter brings

Remembering what used to be

Becomes a lifelong litany !





DIVERSITY ( 2014 ) 2014/09/01

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The lions dozing in their den

The deer now grazing in the glen

The sheep who feed on meadow grass

And goats who climb each mountain pass,

Those tame or wild, both great and small

They’re God’s creations one and all !

Forests or fields or highland fife,

Grasslands and hills that teem with life

Camels and lizards on desert sands

Coyotes and wolves in frozen lands,

Imagine what this world would be

Without God’s great diversity !




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