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ANOTHER DAY ( 2014 ) 2014/09/29

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Sometimes I wake when it is dark

And lie abed with vision stark

I hear the creak each structure makes

As wind and rain the silence breaks !

I note how trees do bend and sway

It seems that dawn is on her way

The day begins its morning song

As silent we will join the throng !

The senses soon repeat the flow

Who knows where each new day will go

Because today may bring surprise

God hear my prayers before I rise !




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I’d like to think that we were friends

But that’s not where the story ends

We shared great times along the way

The path was straight, we did not stray.

When we were young each fell in love

What was it we were dreaming of

Our hearts were true and pure somehow

But things are not so simple now !

That golden hair has turned to white

With little will left here to fight

Mementos that we meant to keep

Got lost in some discarded heap,

The times long gone of used to be

Our friendship found eternity !


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