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STRIFE ( 2020 ) 2020/06/05

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This  world  today  is upside  down

As  chaos  roams  from  town  to  town

All  citizens  may  suffer  so

The  enemy  will  not  let  go.

How  sad if  we  should  lose  control

Of  all our  dreams  and  of  each  goal

We’ve  come  too far  to  just  give  up

And  swallow  lies  from  Satan’s  cup.

Where  is  the truth  that  must  be  told

This  hatred  now  has grown  too old

We’re  all  so   tired  of  the strife

God   help  us  to  regain  our  life !







DANGER ( 2016 ) 2016/11/25

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Now I have seen the mighty mountain and heard the restless sea

There is no greater image that my old heart may bring to me

For I am not a stranger adrift upon some foreign shore

But a native born who sees trouble that’s coming soon and more.

I pray that we acknowledge that our future holds great danger

We forgot how times are changed ere we welcomed in the stranger

And so it is that now we are prepared as we must need be

To keep our homeland safe and from all its enemies be free !



WAR ( 2014 ) 2014/09/20

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How does a child observe a war

And query what they’re fighting for

It can’t be love no matter what

For in a war love’s been forgot !

It isn’t peace, that’s most absurd

As here hate is the final word

And kindness cannot help a bit

In chaos it will never fit !

How sad there’s no path left to try

To help explain or justify

Why men must ever vengeful be

Using God’s cause to kill with glee !




CONTENTIOUS ( 2014 ) 2014/03/24

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The darkest days that will obscure

Those times in life we feel secure,

And overshadow happiness

To leave in place some deep distress

While never understanding why

Some choose these passions to apply !

Tis sad to know this can be true

And comes between both me and you

To leave behind a tragic rift

That is to none a helpful gift,

But rather claims unhealthy cause

Engendering eternal wars !


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