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HEAVENLY ( 2014 ) 2014/09/14

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I’m grateful that God’s given me

Some chance to share eternity

Though I’m not sure I’m ready yet

To take that path of no regret.

Remembering is part of me

How do I set my memory free ?

I’d rather not be left behind

Without a purpose I can find

I’d like to think I follow rules

In league with wisemen never fools

But most of all I dream to see

God’s blessed place so heavenly !





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A tiny child arrived today

He is too young to learn to play

We’ll have to wait a little while

Ere we discern his darling smile.

Sweet baby born so innocent

May fill our lives with true content

When sleepless nights that fade away

Bring greater joy from day to day !

Our love will grow and glow and flow

Into the future parents know

As God sees us in manner like

He is the Parent to each tyke !


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